PewDiePie - the end of the world


I think you’re missing the point of what most of the replies here are saying. Its not ‘just’ going off and playing games. Thats like saying “why don’t you just go and be an A list movie star.”

That said there are thousands and thousands of people who are doing exactly that. I follow a few really good Twitch streamers who make a living off of playing games. You should find a nice community and give it a go. I highly recommend Cohh Carnage ( ) for an awesome and fun experience. His playthrough of Pillars Of Eternity is one of my favorites. :slight_smile:

Personally I would hate to be a YouTube or social media celebrity. I think that those communities are incredibly toxic and actually hope that one day smaller more focused communities (like CGTalk used to be) become popular again. But honestly, with the amounts of money that pour in from social media I doubt that will happen.


It is not a matter of us being" so clever" Mate.
it is just that we are not as outraged as you obviously
are , that blokes such as PDP have become wealthy by putting in the work required to build a successful entertainment channel on the
youtube platform.

As opposed to “others” who are merely banging on in web forums,like CG talk, asking people have they tried this or that money making scheme.


Pretty much on point. Not really such a thing as easy money, many times people do not always dig deeper to see the actual work it took to get there for someone. Why be outraged, props to the guy for capitalizing on people watching him game or whatever he does really…the viewers are essentially filling his bank.


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