PewDiePie - the end of the world


…so, if you guys know who he is - he’s made 20 million dollars US - PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!!! For the first time in HISTORY, game players are making more money than game creators!!! - how many of Y’ALL have 20 mill USD in the bank??? I think that’s the frikking HEIGHT of ridiculousness, and I’d like to know what yall think should be DONE about it. Is there a provision in a game’s EULA where, if you make a video featuring the game and it’s art, you have to compulsorily pay a cut of the proceeds of that video back to the game’s creators and artists?? If not, is such a thing on the way? Either that, or game creators should just leave this biz…


Um he doesn’t just play videogames. He’s the most subscribed user on Youtube.
Thats how he makes his money. He’s gotta a production company now.

And he’s basically promoting the videogames he does stuff with.
And all kinds of other stuff.
The game creaters are thanking him I am sure.

Calling him out is a bit like complaining Bill Gates shouldn’t be rich-he’s just a programmer…:roll_eyes:


Not really, PDP is a Youtube supported NAZI with a production company…Bill Gates is not.


Has PDP recovered from his many lost sponsorships after calling a game character a
“Stupid N*gger” During a Live stream over a year ago.??


What SHIT are you talking about - if they’re not getting cash off of the vidz themselves, they’re LOSING…!
“PROMOTING” oooooh! Now THAT’S an achievement, right there!!

So - any of YOU guys gonna try things like these??


Why dont you try it Mate?

The concept of a person starting a youtube channel and being very prolific with popular content uploads and gaining over a million subscribers
,and monetizing his channel as a youtube ad partner is not exactly earth shattering news.

Many people are making full time livings doing so
just not at the exceptionally high income levels of PDP.

Have a go at it Mate.
Be prolific ( very frequent uploads)
, have interesting video content
and a good marketing plan to promote your channel.


are you serious?

most gamedevs would give an arm to get their game promoted by PDP. visibility is a real problem today… having someone play it in front of millions of viewers sells a lot of copies. (he has 100mio subs i think?)


Pavlov for VR was apparently promoted by him months ago and the game exists in a constant state of virtual inactivity.


I guess Minecraft is doomed then.
Who wants to break it to them?


I might very well, one day, I’m not ruling it out - however the main cause of my trepidatiousness, the question I’m gonna need a straight answer to, is: “How do you get the WORD out?” …I’m not at ALL sure I wanna leave my actual bank balance in the hands of some “recommendation algorithm”, at the very least until I have some idea what it’s gonna do.
What about you?

Oh, and quick question: Surely Youtube cannot be the only video site there is?? What are some OTHER ones, and how do THEY pay??


Also, thought I’d post this :slight_smile: :


Well well well! I just read this!! :


Does anyone have any inkling about what kind of recommendation algorithm THIS thing or things LIKE these use, and what the payout is like (as compared to YT)??


why is it the height of ridiculousness? He isnt taking money away from developers or artists. Why do you think you deserve some of HIS money when you took on none of the risk?

Also, not sure if you really watch many YouTube creators, but to get to the top you have to actually create good content. Their videos are excellently edited and have pretty damned high production value. You can see that they take a lot of time to put these things together, creating and generating content DAILY, sometimes multiple times a day.

Honestly you sound a bit like those people who complained when Kyle Giersdorf won the Fortnite World Championship. It was super cringy when they did it, and its a little cringy here too.

The idea that game developers should leave the industry because other are making more money than them is silly.



You REALLY think there’s nothing wrong with a game player making more money than a game creator??? Are you serious??? (screw his stupid production values!)


There is always risk that someone takes when creating something. They dedicate their time and effort to something, then they can reap the rewards for their work.

He is a creator. He creates content (that he gives away for free), and YouTube pays him for it. I honestly dont understand WHY you would be upset about this.

Make stuff, sell it, rinse and repeat. There is no barrier to entry here. Literally ANYBODY can do it.


Seriously Mate ,You do not seem to have the slightest understanding of how the entertainment business works.

Youtube is an on demand entertainment media outlet that is very nearly on its way to supplanting the tradition televsion networs in regions where unlimited broadband is available.

A professional “youtuber” is essentially a producer of a regular show just like the ,BBC, Netflix or HBO

They have an audience and advertisers will pay to put ads in front of their large audience.

If viewers like your production/delivery etc and tune
in regularly it does no matter if are playing video games or talking about Dating & relationships,Classic cars ,Comic books etc.

The value is in your production,presentation and ability to be entertaining for those who subscribe and watch regularly.
Just like HBO,Netflix etc.

If you cannot understand this relatively simple concept then I fear you have exceeded my ability to explain it further.


The best baseball players make a whole lot more money than the people who make baseballs.

If you can entertain tens of millions of people, you’re gonna make money from it. Whether or not that involves playing a game is irrelevant.


Quite possibly the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. Everyone in this thread has been made a bit dumber for reading your post, and you should move to Munchkin land and live in shame with your braindead opinions.

Lots of love.


Right, so what are all of YOU doing here, on THIS board? Surely you wanna make money, right? If you’re all so clever, then - GO OFF AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES AND MAKE 20 MILLION DOLLARS, whydontya?? :slight_smile: Beats slaving at Max or whatever for not even 1/200th (or whatever the damn figure is!) of that amount, right?