Peugeot 907 - Paris Motor Show 2004, Brendan Mccaffrey (3D)


Title: Peugeot 907 - Paris Motor Show 2004
Name: Brendan Mccaffrey
Country: Espana
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Hi all,
Just wanted to share one of my latest projects with you all. This series of illustrations was commissioned by Peugeot Design Department for the launch of their new concept car, the 907, at the Paris Motor Show 2004.

I have written a short article about the making of these including sketches, wire view,test renderings and a movie of the final image preparation in photoshop. It can be found on my site under the articles section,

The design and the main model was obviously supplied by Peugeot but I spent a few days doing microfilleting and modeling off-the-shelf parts & environment.

Production time was 10 days.

Here are the other images:

HiRes version of this image>>Back View



Wow! I love the new style of Peugeot, some futuristic, elegant and fine.


i love those front and rear lights!!!
and the asphalt txture!! wow


great work nice texture great materials and great rendering it is really great:thumbsup:


lovely renderings,Great amount of details in the lights.I like the concept,I like the compostion with the stormy sky…and the colours of course!!

thumbs up

chao chico!


Excellent work Brenden, very nicely done. Definitely front page material.



but is this an actual model that is coming in production ?


excellent work.


front page.


Wow this is beautiful work I have always admired the work on your site.


Wow. Awsome. Lovely renders, amazing modeling. Very good. I like it a lot ^^. ( first render is set as wallpaper on my desktop ;)).


Incredible desing! i love that images, is very impressive i love the color and asphalt…

My congratulations!! Its perfect! :applause: :applause: :bowdown:


Thanks for the comments guys.
I forgot to add the High Res of the first image.
Here it is at 1600

I also put a link to the article under the articles section, ooops forgot about that one, so check it out.


THe Model is absolutly perfect. but I think you can do much better render. THat’s Just me. Excellent work anyway


ive read you articel, very nice! thanks for taking time to write it!


Great job in modeling:)


I just want to reiterate that I only did microfilleting and off-the-shelf part modeling for this car. That means the brake assembly, wipers, tires, wheel nuts, tire valves and such. I also modeled sme transition surfaces between the windscreen and the pillars which were missing from the CAD data. There was also a bunch of holes to fill but nothing really serious. The surface model is from the Peugeot Master Modeler who, I believe, is an engineer, sorry I don’t know her name but will try to find out. The actual car was built from the same data. You can check it out at the peugeot website under the concept car section.

It is an amazing model which was built in ICEM surf (i think) and is beautifully clean and well made, see the wire view in my article, which also discusses the data conversion. Just like to say that the best modelers I have ever seen (at least for objects) are in the automotive and industrial design industries.


Who cares who modelled the car I think the environment rocks!! Better than the environment of any other car renders I’ve seen… (I’m pretty new so I don’t know what’s microfilletting though)


:bounce: simply brilliant work man you got front page.
some question
1-did u model that or got assigment of rendering in Maya??
2-do you know which software it was modelled Rhino or Catia or StudioTools???
3-Can you plz post more Iso Wire views of car I need to see its surfaces plz


@max lover: 2. >