PEUGEOT 407 - First attempt with car modeling


Hi all !

After many month i come back and try to model a car :slight_smile:
This is my first attempt with this sort of modeling so please help me :slight_smile:
I start with the front of the car

Perhaps you have recognize the “PEUGEOT 407”


Yeah I recognize the car It’s just like that !!! Good job

But it’s kind soon to make real crits …
Just waiting for updates

Si c’est ta premiere modelisation de voiture c’est vraiment impressionnant pourrais tu poster tes photos de references et un wire ?

keep going this is great


la suite…

Yes, it’s reall my first car model… :slight_smile:
I’ve get my refs over internet


Looks great man! There are smoothing mistakes here and there but I’m sure you will fix them. The wire looks good.


Good start! I see, that u detach all important parts on car. That´s good :)) I love 407 so plz do i as good as U can. :slight_smile:



Hmmm, nice start man, too early to crit, but i do agree with “SNap007be” and “Rebro” :sad:


yep snap i know what you’re talking about, i will fix it after i finish the global model.
Thanks for your critics and comments.
Now i will start the doors :wink:


A little update,

feel free to critic… thanks


its lookin pretty good so far! keep it up!

i have some concerns about some of the cracks where the parts of metal meet each other – for example, the line at the bottom of the door looks shaded strangely near the front. these issues might disappear when you do a full render. i’m not sure from just looking at what’s here. where the tops of the doors meet the roof of the car looks strange too.


Yes you’re right pha3z, i will fix those problems. I want to create it as clean as possible :slight_smile:
I use edge extrusion to create this car, am i right with this method ? I create all parts separately.


well there is no right or wrong way. the way you are modeling seems to be the most common way for car modelers, but i actually modeled my truck completely different from this. you gotta do what produces best results for you :slight_smile:

if you take a look at the Chevy in my signature, i’ve posted some images of how i did mine.


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