Petition: Who would vote for Vray Next on Max 2022?


Chaosgroup is trimming the time window for support of previous releases tighter and tighter. Many are disappointed about the point, that Chaosgroup is bringing customers more and more under the pressure of upgrading to their latest release. Not to mention, that the Price is more and more uprising and that under Covid Conditions the last Year wasn´t that the best happening to some here, it´s a bit sad, that they don’t release an Indie license for their Products.

Maybe you can give an +1 to this thread? Or also share this when you think, also for you would be good to still have vRay Next an Max 2022

Maybe it´s also interesting to see on a little Poll on this two points:

  • Yes, Vray Next for 2022 is definitely still a “must”
  • An additional Indielicence Model for Chaos Products would be very forwardlooking

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Neither. If you can afford/justify a 3ds max subscription, why not also Vray, or ditch Vray for Arnold?
Or use Blender’s Cycles-renderer. With Optix and a few RTXA5000/3090 GPUs (Nvidia only at the moment) it is very fast.


Thanks for the hints, but if you are a lucky guy, who came scratchless through the pandemic and you might earn a lot as well… congrats! then just put a few thousand of Bugs on the table to buy just a “few” of exactly that cards - ok, because it´s you let´s say 4 pieces is quiet enough -> 8000,00-9500,00 € - easy!! (Powerconsumtion 1400Watt… easy…!!)Nvidia prizes have been pushed to the inhuman limit (thanks to Etherium) Please be so kind and understand: I was talking about Indielicense (guess what these groups of artist need most? :wink: So I am also only having an Autodesk indielicens either - and that’s not the overpriced 2500,00 Bugs a Year, which I economical couldn’t afford. So you have to know, there are very certain Reasons, why Software companies are offering Indilics. Mostly symbiosis nature.
Pretty funny then when someone writes: "hey, do it in Blender, buy some Gforce 3090… who wants to learn - and has the time to learn a new Software, workflow… No Dude, that’s not that easy as you write in a few words… :slight_smile:


I sort of get where you are coming from in that Chaos-Group seems to assume that successful-businesses that use their software have magically always been in existence. (They ignore/shun new adopters).

However, if you are making no money whatsoever, why do you need 3ds max and Vray? (Upgrading cost is similar to 3ds max indie subscription).

RTX3000 series were not really used for mining in any great number, most were scalped and in any case, Ethereum-mining is coming to an end this year. So in the future, which is what you are hoping for with “Vray-indie”, they will be available. In the UK brand new founders-edition cards are still available on Ebay many months after release and their price is dropping. Also, at some point in the future, there won’t be a global chip-shortage. In fact the opposite will probably be true, there will be too many of everything as greedy companies over-correct.

If cost is an issue, use Blender and if you’re not getting paid much then it doesn’t matter if a render takes all night for one still-image. The only reason Autodesk is offering the Indie-versions is because of Blender.

I don’t subscribe to/rent Autodesk products. I have one perpetual licence (2016). You can buy lots of high end hardware with the money saved by not renting. Indie licences are a new thing and Autodesk has automatically tried to charge the full price the subsequent year for some people, so watch out for that. Also, I wouldn’t want to rely on something that Autodesk could cancel overnight and just point you to the full-price version. Autodesk is not about creating the best product or service. Autodesk wants your money first and foremost and will do the bare minimum to get it. For this reason Autodesk products are best avoided. These days I fund the competition.

Edit: Also, it could be argued, especially if I’m doing the arguing, that Vray for Blender is the “Indie” version.


We are all going through a severe pandemic, but I hope that everything will pass very soon.