Peterbilt 359, Peter Segers (3D)


Title: Peterbilt 359
Name: Peter Segers
Country: Belgium
Software: LightWave 3D, Photoshop

Hello all. At the moment I’m working on a short movie called Mr Driver. This truck will get a big part in the movie as it is the main characters ride.

Soon I will post some more images when my website is ready.

The modeling/texturing (partly done together with my brother) took a long time, and I am glad it’s finished now.

I hope u enjoy this teaser image,

  • Peter -



That is f*cking awesome! You rule!

Show us more! :bounce:



So far I think you have a great model and textures, but the camera angle really isn’t that great. Too much of the frame is black, and the angle just really isn’t that exciting.


Lots of negative space but overall you did an amazing job!


Holy! Awesome! Simple amazing!

Could we have some wireframe views?:smiley:


cool! possible 2 show me truck in full view , [TOY]Snoop? i will be glad.


Holy cow…simply excellent work!:thumbsup: No crits :smiley:

Goodday all!


Amazing! That looks very detailled!
I don’t mind the camera angle, it’s quite dramatic :slight_smile:

Good luck with your animation :thumbsup:


You did a very good job. Hoeray for you :thumbsup:
Can’t wait till the animation.


would you mind posting some other camerae angles, i would love to se em :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind replies.

Here is a wireframe:

Some parts are really heavy, the tires for example have 60.000 polygons each.
It really helps to get a more realistic looking render.

If all goes well I can get my new website online this weekend, then I post some other renders. Please have some patience with me :slight_smile:

As for the animation, I have allready a few minutes ready, but it still needs lots of work. It
takes a while as this is all done in my free time.


  • Peter -


impressive pieces …

nice camera angle choice … and cool lightning …


nice view little odd may be yet very nice

i love trucks any way…and this one is A G O O D T R U C K:thumbsup:

keep it up


Hi all,

There it takes a little longer to get my website online with additional images,
here is a new image —>

Maybe in a few days I post other images as well.


  • Peter -

PS: The guy in my avatar is Mr Driver hehe. Handsome, isn’t he lol


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