Peter Starostin - Animation Session 10 - Dialogue 1


Hello. I’m a bit late but here’s my start. I’m using a wonderful LowMan rigg from

      And here's my first pass [Blocking01](  it's 294kb divx.
  [edit]  here's the latest [update_09 quicktime](

I’m not quite sure on that pose right before “kill yaa”. i’m thinking of series of anger building up poses in that time actually. Anyways, let me know what you think. :slight_smile:



Looking good Peter, though your poses and timing look kinda similar to those of Anim_Changes. Can’t wait to see more!


hey, thanks. The only resemblance to Anim_Changes I can see is the pose at “touches me”. But I honestly derived that pose from the pose before it, which was different.


Hey man, really nice blocking/poses there. Can’t wait to see the finished thing!

Keep it up :slight_smile:


Here’s an update. Mostly the beginning is updated.



and, another update


Hi Peter,

the first part (‘Now I swear…’) already looks quite smooth (maybe you give a bit more life to the left arm!?). About the next part (…‘the next one of you primates…’) I am not sure whether the pose really fits. The part ‘…even touches me…’ looks OK. Your idea for the final pose looks OK as well.

Keep the updates coming!


Hey coming along nicely!


Here’s an update.



Hi Peter,

the build-up before the yell looks good :thumbsup:.

Did you change the camera angle on purpose ? I liked the camera in the earlier version more.


Suricate, yeah I liked the old one better, but just wanted to be able to see some of the jump. Anyways, I’ll go back to the previouse angle and just animate the camera when he jumps, I think. I’m still not totally sure how he should be swinging like when in the air.


an update :slight_smile:


Wow!! looks really really good! :thumbsup: Only whe he jumps seems odd to me, maybe needs more anticipation, now seems (to me) like something propulse him. I like more whe he run toward the camera in update 4.


Hmm, I was wandering if people thougth his arm movements and head looked like out of controll curves just before the jump (shaking part with eye twitch) So I redid that part.



peter that’s bloody great! i can’t really fault it, & the only things i can suggest are to stick some cardboard cutout zombies/skeletons in a circle around the guy so you get a better sense of the characters that he’s reacting to.

& how about trying a squint when he says ‘touches’ to give it a bit more emphasis.

i’m not sure about the context of this clip, but do you need that bit where he falls & looks startled right at the end? might be good to just have him launch into an attack at the camera & his angry face comes right towards us.



it’s looking really great! no crits here.


Hey. :slight_smile: Here’s a little update. Just a few small changes really.



And another update.


I can’t see…whaaaaaaaaaaa:sad:


hmmm… downloading just fine for me. Right click and save target as maybe?

let me know if it works or not.