Perth, WA?


Awesome, thats really encouraging to hear.


Good Idea, lets get the ball rolling I rekon…


yeah that was one thing I had in my favor. I was born here so it was just a matter of getting a Canadian passport and a Social Insurance Number and I was set. Cant give you much advice on immigration though I have friends of working visas which seemed easy to get and my other buddy is going through the hell of permanent residency.


Lucky bastard, lol.


Yeah really want to emphasize to not get a ticket till your pretty sure you can score a job with your skill set. At least in Vancouver its overflowing with fresh artists looking for their lucky break.


Let’s blow this sht up :slight_smile:


hahaha HeadSmell, nice one. Nice work you make that I assume??


…and also in an indie game dev group thats wrapping up a small indie game.

Online, or with guys in Perth?


Group of guys here in perth, surprisingly.


Are you on the Pigmi list?


List?? I know the head of the project, Jon Hayward, is involved with them and the IGDA perth chapter. You into the indie game dev scene I take it??


I am, yep :slight_smile: I take it you’re working with Jon on the project for IGF?

EDIT: Funny actually, I’ve very likely met you before at an event.


Yeh thats classic, small world ay, possibly have but ive only been to a few of them, still new to the scene. Unfortunately we missed deadline, but were going to have it ready for the iparty end of year meetup thing.


Cool, I’ll try and make it to have a look :slight_smile: Watch for the tall thin guy!


hahaha, will do, il pm you closer to the time and see if your gna make it down!


I moved to Brisbane from Perth to work since Perth has well under developed CGI industry. GET THE F—CKK OUT !! hahaha


i’d be down to catch up for a beer and see if anyone is interested in some light 3d projects


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Wiked, sounds good to me, il drop you a pm with some contact details and we can get the ball rolling.


Hey guys, sent some PM’s out to everyone from this thread that said they were keen to get together and work on a small project, let me know if ur still keen!