Personal work (nudity)



thanks 4 overpaint, but these adjustments is already done:)


:banghead: You win, hehehe.


but in case i will check one more time in future:)


The legs need to be wider apart for female.

Its now looks Sarah Jessica Parker narrow, unless of course that’s your idea.


i will post new screens, legs and hips are widened a little


hi there, a little update
hope u like it:)


I think it goes well in general .Some small fixes I could suggest.


thanks man:)
i’m definetly gona fix that in the future, now im focused on clothes n stuff:) and small tweaks will go later:)
once again ty a lot:)


litle update.
sr no fix on body still


hi there, little update
headphones, some hair fixing, dont look that hey are bit static, and drafty, in final version dynamic will be on (cuz of animation) and detail will be pumped up:) hope u like it


some update, bracelet and neclace:) c&c are welcome:)


little update, i think, im soon will be done, with clothing, and warious stuff


hi little update. Now i’m working on head itself, to acomplish my desired looks. Still not what i want, but i think i’m on right way:) so if u can help me with that i would be grateful:)

ps. someone can tell me what is that weard thing. inside red circle?


little update




It looks to me like you jump around a lot in your workflow. You really should work on getting each component complete before working on additional elements. As for the head you need to look at a lot of reference, I can see a lot of anatomical inaccuracy in your features. The eyes are too large, the head shape is too egg shaped, ears are too flat against the side of the head. The left head looks more feminine but still has a lot of anatomical flaws. I will not get into the smaller detail inaccuracies at this stage seeing as you will need to get the overall proportions and shape correct before moving on to the detail work.

Try to stay focused on an element until it is complete rather than jump around so much and take frequent breaks when sculpting so you don’t start over correcting things. When you start to feel frustrated its time to have a coffee break and come back to it with fresh eyes.


Ty a lot for u replay:)
the reason why i jump around so much is becaus i must have finished work till summer (no matter what detail or acurate it will be. Afcourse i will polish it as much as i can after that)

as about the head, i dont want to get to the perfection, afcourse i agre on lot of ur points:) like eyes, ears n stuff:) but with oweral head shape im qute happy now. Cuz i studied a lot of different refs, and done many different versions:)

afcourse if u can make quick owerpaint, cus i definetly need some guiding, if i’m heading to realy bad direction


hi there, long time no seen:)
so little update, i was working
on couples of things in my project
first is mech pantera, this will be partner of main char.
and colidor from one scene where i will ned enviroment
also i was tensting main char “ely” changed bit clothes mats n stuff





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