Personal work (nudity)


Hi there,
in this threat will be my personal reacreation of a trailer ‘‘secret world’’ from scrach for my graduation diploma.
i hope this is legal stuff to do cuz i dont realy know.

so this is my first threat in cgsiciety. Because im hoping to get all help i can to help me improve.
now im working on main char. Im lack in anatomy skils but im trying to get as much acurate as posible in my every project.

so this is some pics of first char name ely.
right now its just in muscles and textures condition.
today im willing to get into some smaler details like small adjustments, pores, and so one.

hope to get ur atention to get some help:)


update texturing


sculpt update


some quick texturing tweaks


hi there, little update cc would be welcome:)




The clothing’s, the very little of it, but nevertheless, lack thickness.

You must not have the edge of a mesh at the edge of the clothes, to create thickness, the polygons must wrap around (like a U shape) at the clothing edges. Not needed to be deep, maybe a cm of something in real world scale.


thanks man. good advice
there will be more of clothes, i’m so glad that u gave me a hint before other parts of clothes:)



thanks 4 overpaint, but these adjustments is already done:)


:banghead: You win, hehehe.


but in case i will check one more time in future:)


The legs need to be wider apart for female.

Its now looks Sarah Jessica Parker narrow, unless of course that’s your idea.


i will post new screens, legs and hips are widened a little


hi there, a little update
hope u like it:)


I think it goes well in general .Some small fixes I could suggest.


thanks man:)
i’m definetly gona fix that in the future, now im focused on clothes n stuff:) and small tweaks will go later:)
once again ty a lot:)


litle update.
sr no fix on body still


hi there, little update
headphones, some hair fixing, dont look that hey are bit static, and drafty, in final version dynamic will be on (cuz of animation) and detail will be pumped up:) hope u like it


some update, bracelet and neclace:) c&c are welcome:)