Personal Sketchbook Primer and Tutorial / Workshop Guide


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[b] The following is meant as a primer / guide for those new to the Anatomy Forum:[/b]

 Basically all are welcome to participate in any of the Tutorials and Workshops we have in the Anatomy Forum, and you are encouraged to post work both to the specific Tutorial and Workshop threads in which you are participating, as well as to your own Personal Sketchbook Thread, which you are welcome (though not required) to create.

 To everyone who is new to the Anatomy Forum and / or is new to Painting / Drawing, I recommend looking through the following resources, and following the first Tutorial listed to traditionally or digitally draw or paint a skull (reference is provided in the Tutorial). Then post your results to your own Personal Sketchbook Thread. 
              See this thread first:
              [FAQ: Can I Create My Own Sketchbook or Anatomy Thread?](
                  Particularly if you have not painted digitally before, or have had limited experience doing so, I recommend doing the following Skull Painting Exercise first, and posting your results to your Personal Sketchbook Thread:
              [b]Recommended Shading Tutorial for Beginners:[/b]
              This is a summary of a Workshop based on the grayscale to color painting method that I recommend beginners to digital painting to use:
               [TUTORIAL SUMMARY - Anatomy Review 003 Shading Tutorial - Tutorial Material Only](
               To see the original, full~length Workshop, click here:
               [Anatomy Review 003: SHADING TUTORIAL AND HUMAN SKULL EXERCISE](
               To see the best work from the original, full~length Workshop, click here:
               [SPOTLIGHT: Best of Anatomy Review 003: Shading Tutorial and Human Skull Exercise](
               This is Steven Stahlberg's excellent step by step tutorial about a black and white > color painting method:
               [Stahlberg Grayscale > Color Painting Tutorial:](
               I recommend viewing these tutorials and either trying painting a skull as with the first exercise, or applying the principles to your other work.
       [b]Open Figure Drawing Workshops (OFDWs):[/b]
              [left]We run a monthly Workshop series called the Open Figure Drawing Workshop (OFDW) in which anyone is free to participate. I do think that those new to digital painting should try the skull exercise first.
       OFDWs never officially close; however, I highly encourage participants who start with the official opening date to finish their pieces by the official closing date, and to move on to the next OFDW. I encourage this because working as a group is the strength of the OFDWs. However, anyone may use reference from 'closed' OFDWs and post their work to previous OFDW threads.
       [Open Figure Drawing Workshops](
       [color=LemonChiffon]The best work from all previous OFDWs can be seen here:
       [Links to all Open Figure Drawing Workshop SPOTLIGHT threads](
      [b]Anatomy Lesson Series Workshops:[/b]
      [left] A new Workshop series is the Anatomy Lesson Series, in which anyone is free to participate. 
      Like the OFDWs, the Anatomy Lesson Series Workshops never really close; however, for those of you who join after the official start date, I encourage you to give yourselves the same amount of time (1 month) to complete the 50 heads as that is the official time frame of the Workshop - this pushes you to work quickly.
      [Anatomy Lesson Series: Body Part 1 - The Head](
      [Anatomy Lesson Series - Body Part 2: The Torso](
      [b]Links to the Best Tutorials and Workshops:
  [/b][left]Links to the best Tutorials and Workshops on the Anatomy Forum can be found linked here:
  [left][Tutorials, Workshops, Anatomy Reviews & More ... [links within]](
      [b]Be Notified of New Tutorials and Workshops:[/b]
              [left]We are always running new Tutorials and Workshops on the Anatomy Forum in which all are welcome to participate.
              To receive email notification of when new Workshops and Tutorials (such as the one above) officially open, I recommend subscribing here:
               []([Notification of New Open Figure Drawing Workshops / + TUTORIALS - SUBSCRIBE HERE!](


Also, please see this thread if you are new to the Anatomy Forum and are confused over where to start: :slight_smile:

ANATOMY FORUM GUIDE - The definitive version! PLEASE READ if you are new!