Personal Artwork: Octopus' Diner, Stephan Brisson (3D)


Really amazing. Great stuff there. I like the concept a lot. Also the mood and depth of your render. Really great style!



Great!!!, very nice idea, many compliments:applause:


Congrats for the first place! Totaly deserved. Great work


Awesome work :slight_smile:

I think top row and award !!!

  • Ty


Excelent work with stunning details! Congratulation to the creative team!


Funny picture, I like it :applause:


perfect job absolut cool idea and render perfect my respect


v good concept


Great job man ! I really like your mechanical octopus !


Thank you all for your positives comments. I will work on a “making of” and post it soon.


agreed :wink: and i think it will happen soon :wink: :smiley:


r u inspired from THE SHINING…
if not atleast we r


great work! wonderful fancy!


It’s very Bioshock! Great work. I really love the whole mood to this image. :slight_smile: Wicked!


Realy cool ! amazing piece ! 5 stars

Can i see the wire ? i’m curious !


tres belle image, tu feliciteras aussi tes partenaires de paint!
passe aussi le bonjour a Jessy Boy de ma part :slight_smile:



Very creative approach. And excellent unique idea. Well done!


This is perfect in every detail. An overstanding job!


Great work ! I love this idea.
Keep it up !


Oh my… a storytelling piece. At last! Really stunning!