Personal Artwork: Octopus' Diner, Stephan Brisson (3D)


Title: Personal Artwork: Octopus’ Diner
Name: Stephan Brisson
Country: Canada
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

I created this piece with two coworkers, for an internal contest at our workplace. Octopus’s Diner won the first place of the contest.
I contributed to all the aspects of the creation: concept, design, modeling, lighting, shading, texturing,rendering, etc.

special thanks to Elise Frappier (photoshop) and Valerie Villeneuve.
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Wow !! Exellent work man !!


Heheh :stuck_out_tongue: Nice idea and good execution, bravo CGSTEF :smiley:


x-lant work jest u a great

good lcuk 4 ever :applause:

i vote 4 u :bounce:


Hello Stephan,
bravo for this composition and excellent work


GREAT WORK MAN:applause:


Very atmospheric, great work.


hehehe outstanding work excellent idea


Wow, great stuff. Is there a chance to see the wireframes in order to see what is actually modelled?



Great and skilled work bro… Congrats! :wink:


Everything from modelling over textures to light is SUPER !

Good luck 4 ever


Great stuff, nice atmosphere you got there :wink:


Excellent textures and render.


Excellent piece! You’ve created an excellent mood, and you manage to transmit a very interesting situation with lots and lots of small details. You can tell there has been tremendous amounts of work put into this, and you can sense that in the piece. Congratulations on your prize, and keep up the good work!


Salut Stephan!

Good to finally see some images of your contest finally online. I remember this image to be a very striking one back in Montreal, but I did not know that it was the winning image. So extra respect for that. :slight_smile:
Any change to see the other pics as well? They all came out very fine.




Brilliant! Love the concept too.


What a stunning piece of art. A great idea and gorgeous execution. Well done! :applause:


Wow, I love it! Great idea and execution!


hymmmm… thats my new desktop wallpaper :smiley: greate piece of work !


pretty nice work :slight_smile: