Personal 3D Matte Painting


Hey everyone! Heres a personal ‎3D Matte Painting experiment while learning the amazing GPU renderer Redshift. Started out just testing how the renderer could handle converting my foliage into Redshift materials but I ended up learning a lot during the process and figured I would composite in Fusion and learn a little bit of Fusion instead of the usual Nuke pipeline now that Fusion is free to use.

About 50m Poly each frame (No Proxy just instances to better stress test) rendered in 3min 45sec a frame at 1080p with DOF and motion blur on dual 980ti’s. Amazing Render speeds I must say.

‎Maya/Speedtree/Maya PaintFX/WorldMachine Terrain/‎3dCoat Sculpting/Photoshop/‎Redshift Render/‎Fusion Comp/AfterEffects tweaks.

In retrospect I wish i would have slowed the camera move down but work came up and it was only meant to be a test learning Redshift renderer. Maybe in the future I will re-render the shot over a weekend and slap it back into Fusion.