Persephone, Marta Dahlig (2D)


Title: Persephone
Name: Marta Dahlig
Country: Poland
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Oh, paint the white of my wedding dress grieving black
For a widow I am, not a bride!
Mourning over my youth forever buried in the depths of these tombs,
As a flower dies without a sip of dew,
I wither away without the warm breath of my beloved sun.

Well, that’s an outcome of a non stop few day work. I have decided, that I need to work a LOT on the anatomy and skin shading of my characters, and so I tried, in this one, to work the hardest I can on it.
I have done a lot of studies (mainly consisting of looking at myself in a mirror ;P), tries etc before even beginning to work on this.
I cannot, unfortunately, publish a full WIP of the work, as it’s going to be published soon, but I am still sharing some sketches and closeups and a tiny tutorial :slight_smile:
Done in Painter7 and Photoshop CS.

Three messy sketches
Hand painting WIP shots
Rock texturing mini tut


This is really beautiful! I love how the sun flows down on her face and skin. And the dress is really pretty:)


Beautiful work Marta! Lovely lighting. Great pose, and expression :slight_smile:


oh…Guys.! you works is very good. I give you 4stars. I want see your next painting.


Holy crap, this is a beautiful piece of work! My only crit is the shadow under her jaw that seems a bit too sharp, and that her toes doesn’t seem to be in contact with the rock surface, but everything else is just pure magic. Worship!


Stunning, with great atmosphere and phenomenal detail. Did you use reference photos for the figure? the hand in particular looks so realistic.
Gotta try your Rock Mini Tutorial :slight_smile:


Well you succeed to do a really good anatomy ! the hands looks so real, the coloring is awesome !
I also love the details you put on the dress and nice texturing for the rocks :wink:
5 stars for you :thumbsup:


Beautiful image !!! Nice painting/rendering/coloring/composition/mood … :slight_smile:


Too the school was good! Perfect skin color, real dress material quality of material:applause:


It’s a really nice image but the background lets the whole thing down. Sorry but it is nowhere near the quality of the figure… Also, the lace details on the dress look like a blurred and painted-over’d photo. Sorry if it sounds rude but it’s just that they look strange in the close up. I really like the hands, it seems you spent a lot of time on getting them just right.


Almatari: thank you :slight_smile:

Enialadam: thanks, it meansa lot, coming from you =)

nightpoet: Thanks!

Gmax: Thank you, and yeah I became aware of the bug, right after posting it… >_<

colour-monkey: thank you, I hope it will be helpful :slight_smile:

Zhaan: Thank you very much!

ElectroNico: Thanks :smiley:

Liutao: Thank you =)

Urgaffel: Thanks. Being honest I was (and am) quite satisfied with the background… Any hints on how to improve it, or what precisely you dislike? And as for the pattern, I assure you it’s hand made from the beginning to the end, no photos used. As stated, I could not share the full WIP, and “making of” the dress was one of most important parts of the article I was writing and therefore I cannot show it at the moment. :confused:


to be plugged and awarded I suppose… :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how to do it better but what bugs me about it is that it looks very Photoshop. You have a blurry base that you did a lot of overlays on and it just doesn’t work together. The figure and her attributes is painterly in style whereas the bg is more sharp detail overlays which in my opinion doesn’t mesh very well. I think the overlays might also be responsible for the weird colouring. The colours in themselves aren’t wrong, it’s just that the way they are patterned doesn’t really look like rock, it looks like random speckly colour. It also feels as if the shadows are a just dark areas with no real thought as to how the light would bounce around in the cave, they feel more as if they’ve been placed to bring out the figure rather than in regards to how the light falls. Of course, using light and shadow to make the viewer focus on the character is a time honoured tradition but still… It irks me :slight_smile:

Another thing is that the rock she’s sitting on has a really sharp edge where it meets the background which makes it look as if it’s not very thick. The way you painted that seems to be a bit different from the background too since it’s a bit more loose and painterly.

Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t really give you any concrete pointers as to how to paint the rocks, I guess all I can say is that using detail brushes and layer effects is a good thing but you seem to have gone a bit over the top in this case. It’s still a nice image so this is just me nitpicking. Speaking of nitpicking, I’ll bring up one last thing, the feet. They seem unfinished compared to your awesome hands :blush:

Where can we read the article and when will it be published?


Agostinuk: Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Urgaffel: The mag is called Art Scene International. I am not sure when will it be out, however, as the publisher asked me to prepare something “in advance” for a future issue. :slight_smile:


I can see no fault in any part of the image, for me a finished painting is exactly as the artist intended it to look. Paintings are personal things, an extension of one’s individual personality and trying to please everyone with picky pixel perfect details is impossible and should never be attempted lest the image becomes heavy and overworked - after all, we are all different and see things differently.
I agree with the artist about the background, it is one of the most realistic rock textures I’ve seen in a painting so far on this entire site, the light over the rough surface nicely evokes the mood of the situation the subject finds herself in. ‘Unfinished’ details like the lace and feet do nothing to detract from the focus, the reaching hand, and are perfectly adequate. Overall the image works, and works well, I would love to see it in print :slight_smile:


Beautiful work i lov it ! CONGRATULATIONS !! :slight_smile:


Beatyful image! Lovely composition and light
I am very impression.


Beautiful and realwork :eek:


…oh, very very fine and skillful painting, great composition’n’lightwork… superb4me :thumbsup:

-cheerZ- :wavey:


Great job, I’m a big fan of your work! :thumbsup: