Periodic Chapter meetings


Presently, there has been minimal gatherings of the Australian chapter (as far as I am aware!) and I would like to suggest we start meeting on a more regular basis, say every 2 to 3 months.
The Chapters have great potential for a melting pot of talent and fun. We can either have larger country-wide meetings or smaller state meetings, but ideally we should meet at some point more regularly if posible!

If anyone has more suggestions on how to run meetings, then please step up and comment! I for one would like to see some artist “how we do it” presentations, such as the Animal Logic guys.

I know CGS is still in ongoing development, but we’re part of the chapters so we should start using our membership to it’s full potential.


sounds good, I wonder when Mark & Leonard will be down next?

“how we do it” presentations would be great I’m shore we could get some happening, I could do some max & VRay techniques. even new theory, I saw a great technique on 3dtotal: [font=Trebuchet MS][size=3][b][b]
[size=2]“How to make normal maps from real surfaces”
[b]by Ryan Clark

[/b][/b][/b][/size]a demonstration of new ideas like this would be good and there’s allways new and interestings things to findout :slight_smile:
also there are plenty of local CG distibuters who would probably be interesed in helpingout somehow.


Count me in also, I like the “how we do it” (show and tell) idea. That would be really cool.


my hand is in, im definatly in for it, i used to attend the Macromedia Users Group Victoria, for the last couple of years, and i miss not going anymore (things fell apart) but i agree with its a good thing to build friends and contacts for a industry that obviously demands them, i do know that myself and a few of my mates from my class (incl some teachers) would be over the moon to attend so, definatly in for this idea… im a student at present so anything if i was asked to do would really be benificial :smiley:

But even if it cant be organised as a “show and tell” type thing, maybe we could all meet up at a bar or resturant and get introduced, its all good,

keep us posted.



I would also suggest sketchbook meets (like Bobby’s). If we don’t meet to discuss stuff, we might as well meet to collaborate.


Yet again, Fantastic Idea, I’ve done simular things with a few old friends from highschool either down on Collins Street, Swanston, Exebition etc. (sp is off guys and gals… sorry :()
if not a main street, going down to Parliment Station and Sitting on the Platforms / Sitting during the day (peak / non peak) can also give you some great people to sketch, etc

But im positive we could organise something simular to bobby’s on Connex or Something :smiley:

Anyhow, Lets keep talking, This could be worth wild :smiley:


What’s Bobby’s? I feel out of the loop! :slight_smile:


Bobby Chu’s Site


im definatly Into Starting one up, there isnt an australian one out there at the moment, but i beleieve that we would be able to get a good group of people together (doesnt matter if its large or small) but its a good start to get the ball rolling


well…whats the general thought on this idea? (both sketch and meetup ?)

are you guys interested? if so, should we start to get the ball rolling and talk about what could be done? or should it remain as a thought on a forum only?

As ive stated before, im always up for a meetup or casual drink/chat so if im available during that time, i’ll do my upmost best to get there…

Anyhow, Would people consider maybe starting up more of a sketch group or something? there are a few places we could consider to sketch at 1. Connex System in melbourne, 2. Tram’s in city - collin’s etc, 3. Goto a cafe sit, chat, have a few drinks, and sketch people from there? (sorry if im drilling this, but i recon its a fantastic idea, and a great way to meet people :D)



Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the site, but I just received my d’Artiste books (ones on Character Modelling and Matte Painting) and I’d have to say they’re f*ckin awesome! Sorry for the indecent language but it’s just so amazing. Anyways, on to the subject at hand.

Both the meetup and sketch ideas seem brilliant, but who would be in charge of it all? If we could just appoint someone to handle the meetings, and setup places for the meeting, that would be a good start. The interval between Chapter meetings sound feasable (2-3 months), and I’m sure people will turn up if they are notified before-hand. Most members of this society are eager and enthusiastic individuals, which is why we paid the extra money to become society members! Duh.

I hope to hear more about this. I think it’s a great idea, but as I mentioned above, we need to appoint someone to take charge of it all. Hope all goes well!

Take care n peace,



if there are meeting on i will definatly be there, i think it would be great to get everyone together on a regular basis, not talking abotu every week but maybe bi monthly


Hi guys,

OK lets try something here.

Lets all meet at 8pm, October 7th (Friday) at the Lounge Club, upstairs - (in fact out on the sheltered balcony lounge) at 1st floor, 243 Swanston Walk, Melbourne.

How does that suit all in Melbourne? This is plenty of notice and I thought the earlier someone does this, the easier it will be for the local CGSociety to meet up and organise other networkie outtings/projects.

Just as a catch up, a ‘match a face to the name’ thing.


Sounds good to me, I’ll add it to my calender :slight_smile:


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