performance question with nodes


Hi guys

Maybe what I am asking has no sense.
When I do my rigs,I always try to get everything very clean.I use a lot of nodes to connect things.For example,with the fingers ,I connect the output rotation of the controler (of the finger rotation) with the input of the multiplyDivide node.And then,the output of the mutiplyDivide node (that has the rotation info) with the input of the rotation of skinning joints.
Maya nodes are supossed to be very fast right?Or should I avoid the multiplyDivide node and connect directly the output of the controler with the input of the skinning joints?
I ask that because I used to rig in max,so I don´t know yet what will happen when I have 5 characters in the scene (that means 5*10 fingers = 50 multiplyDivide nodes in scene,and only for fingers).



Yes they are very fast and based on what you describe that having 5 characters with 50 multiply divide nodes will not noticeably slow down your scene. Having said that, avoiding unnecessary calculations will always give you the best performance. If you have no need to use the multiply divide, then remove it.

Note that using utility type nodes over expressions in maya are much faster in performance unless you have to use expressions for the job that a few nodes can’t do. But maya is very fast in calculating only what it need to based on what connections are “dirty” or changed.

Don’t worry about 50+ calculations slowing down your scene. Some of the facial rigs I make have thousands of sdk curves with other types of controls moving with decent performance playback.



ok,thanks man.I´ll keep working with nodes without worring.
I don´t know why,but I don´t like to connect animation controles with the joints inputs directly.I like to use nodes.


You’re not even using the multiply divide? I don’t understand why you feel that you should have them then. The control curves are nodes themselves, as are the joints. Why does it make you feel better having three nodes connected than two? I only ask cause it sounds like a bad habit.


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