Peres - "o 3D" - Tribute Stan Winston - Jurassic Park


Hi all !
I am happy to join the mini challenge - tribute to stan winston, my theme will Jurassic Park!
My initial idea is to create a scene with a triceratop, T-rex and velociraptor.

Big hug to all of the forum!


Hi all!
more’s the follow up´s Triceratop’s.
I am modeling and I thank the few who want comment!

Big hug!


wow!! great start!!

i will keep my eyes here

Alex Oliver


Hi Master Oliver,
Thank´s for watching my work .
This is bases mesh and in the end of this week, I will be posting new up-s.
My congratulations your work is excellent , very high level.

Big hug


Tri’s always been my favorite dino. Nice job getting his look down right away.

Are you planning on detailing him in ZB?


This is my first up of it at ZB.
Thank´s Sirhcnait for coment´s !


I love the edge flow of your model. Looking really good. I would love to see a little more weight to the model though. looks a little lite on her feet, almost like a toy. Keep it up! looks awesome!


Hi Smacdonald !
I am creating the details slowly due to my limited time.
Thank’s the important tips!

Big hug!


Hi, new up´s!
This is my first test !!!



Hello Antonioperes

Nice render…keep going dude,
can’t wait to see the T-rex and Velociraptor…



Thanks for comment Itsgallus!!!

Big hug!!


hey antonio…really nice to see you around here my buddy…keep it up
see ya mate


Hi my brother Longhi,
Thank´s for comment´s, I am running to end the image,
Continue along!
Another up, test stage 1!'s Triceratop!

Big hug!


Hi staff,
the base this completed,
Tips and criticisms are welcome

big hug!


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