Penhasco Seguro Auto, Andre Tunes (3D)


Title: Penhasco Seguro Auto
Name: Andre Tunes
Country: Brazil
Software: Modo, Photoshop

This was a job for POUPEX ensurense.

The car and the clifs were made in Modo with some retouches latter in photoshop by my friend Adriano Goulart. The background is photo from the studio where I work.


nice image,love the special feel of cliff and the car…


Thanks Raoof! This is just the part of the 3D and retouch in photoshop.
The art director`s idea was to put a signature in the middle of the cliffs to make it a bridge.
To pass the idea that you are secure with just one signature… something like that! =D


Coool work mate!


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