Pencil Test: "Ball Dynamics Study"


Hi, I did this for my basic animation class and perhaps, for my portfolio: (2.5MB quicktime)
The assignment was to show three balls bouncing, at 30 fps, every frame drawn. Now my teacher wants me to clean, color, and make it into “a cartoon.”

Is it ready? I see that my shapes could be more solid, and the timing is very fast. What do you think?
James Thomas

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bump i’m gonna see if someone else will reply to this. When i first saw this i thought it was awesome! :buttrock: it looks kinda rough, but i understand that it’s a wip…i hope someone will seriously critique this for ya james. :thumbsup:


THAT IS TEH AWESOME NESS>…how can u stand yourself man i dont get it…ur BRILLIANT…i think ur going far man keep it up


this is very nice james…:buttrock: i loved it when i first saw it… it was a very clever idea… clever indeed… then again… it is still a wip… hopefully someone will leave a good critique about it… keep up the good work my friend… :thumbsup:


Funny stuff there, James! Sound sync is pretty good, and keeping it the way that you have it reminds me so much of old early 1900’s animation. Heck, all you have to do is add grain effects and tell your teach that it was meant to be such an animation from that period!

When you clean it, are you going to make it three dimensional, Flash-like, or 2-D shaded? I recommend Flash-like (solid colors) because of the content of your toon. I believe that this wasn’t meant to represent realism to qualify for perspective view compositing. All in all, depending on how much a hard-*ss your teach is, this should get you no less than a A-, AS IS. Good job.


Thanks for the comments!
Funeral Laugh, I started making it 3d toon shaded, and am thinking about editing slow motion clips into it, to show the reaction of the eyeball, etc… I’ll post it when I get farther into it.


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