PELENG's Daily Sketchbook: (From CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


Thank you guys!

I’ve made my channel on Vimeo. I’ll post there some videos showing how I’m working on quick sketches.
So you are welcome!


Cool, I subscribed… it’s really educational to see how you do it…



UFO Hunter
Ps 70min


UFO hunter is one of my favorite…it’s amazing to watch how you deal with positive and negative spaces.
Great work!

Have you by any chance saw Sketch Theatre? Some great skethes (not digital thou) and music.


Thanks! Didn’t get it about Sketch Theatre :slight_smile:

Tech Guy
Ps 80min



yaaaaay last one looks fantastic!
and thanks for videos :slight_smile:


They have guest artists doing sketches I guess. It’s analog as far as I saw, and kind of promoting the music which plays in videos. Interesting to watch and listen…


Dry, Hot and Dirt
2,5 hrs PS

Uploaded with


****ing master, great work Sergey



oh another great sketch :bowdown:

Why you post it so seldom?


Mateja, big thanks!
NorthernChild, just have no enough time for sketching :sad: , thank you!


The Bullet
70min Ps

Uploaded with


30min Ps


The Thing
Ps about 6 hrs.


Hey Sergey, my friend, haven’t saw you in a while. What’s up?




Hi Mateja,

Thanks for your interest, I’m fine. Sometimes I look through your thread on conceptart, you are a master! Unfortunately I dont have much time this year to post more personal stuff, so I think I’m out of game for some time)))

Have a good time. Thanks!


last one is incredible :bowdown:


Great to know you are doing some cool stuff. Can’t wait to see some new tut on Vimeo ;).

Take care



hello peleng,
not sure if you look up on this threat seeing that you havent put up new work here, just wanted to say that your one of my favorite contemporary artists, spectacular work, registered to talkcg just to leave a comment that your sketches not to mention finished works look amazing, my favorite sketch of yours is the fat gentleman painting over the little demons house (great use of color)

by the way the island of delirium painting is one of my favorite piece in all of the work shown on talkcg, that’s all for art sucking up comment-try, hope to see new work on your site

take care,


I am new here so I hope I am doing this correctly.
This piece is wonderfully done.
Just wanted you to know.