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Mateja, thank you buddy!
Always glad to hear from you! Yes I’m still trying to find job in Czech Republic, but still without sucsess. The deal is that I want to relocate to Czech Republic very much! But maybe friendly Czech peoples don’t think that it is good idea… :slight_smile:


Why don’t you try to send your powerful portfolio to 2k games(they did Mafia 2- latest game) and they are from Czech republic. I think you should try with them



Tried for three times, still no answer… :slight_smile:


SUPER AWESOME SKETCH!! I have seen your works in so many website and you are genius, and really the best! I’m really be crezy in your brush and your rendering talent!

You could go everywhere in the world. So Good luck in Czech republic!! Cheers


The Robe
1hr Ps


great as always envyyyyyy
I love that your digital paintings looks like traditional oils or acrylics…


Thank you!

Wrong Turn
Ps 1hr


The Black Cat

Ps 50min


Amazing brushwork…again!!


Glad to see this thread having some activity again!! Keep it up man! :applause:


Thank you guys!

I’ve made my channel on Vimeo. I’ll post there some videos showing how I’m working on quick sketches.
So you are welcome!


Cool, I subscribed… it’s really educational to see how you do it…



UFO Hunter
Ps 70min


UFO hunter is one of my favorite…it’s amazing to watch how you deal with positive and negative spaces.
Great work!

Have you by any chance saw Sketch Theatre? Some great skethes (not digital thou) and music.


Thanks! Didn’t get it about Sketch Theatre :slight_smile:

Tech Guy
Ps 80min



yaaaaay last one looks fantastic!
and thanks for videos :slight_smile:


They have guest artists doing sketches I guess. It’s analog as far as I saw, and kind of promoting the music which plays in videos. Interesting to watch and listen…


Dry, Hot and Dirt
2,5 hrs PS

Uploaded with


****ing master, great work Sergey



oh another great sketch :bowdown:

Why you post it so seldom?