Peasant, Kleber Darcio (3D)


Title: Peasant
Name: Kleber Darcio
Country: Brazil

Developed for image portfolio.
I used 3dsmax, vray zbrush and


Another perfect work of you! Congratulations Kleber, the entire image is perfect including the character concepts, environment and rendering. Stunning work.


Um material muito bem feito, cuidadoso nos seus detalhes! parabéns mais uma vez pelo Job!

Sou muito fã do seu trabalho Kleber! um dia chego lá!


Whatsss up Klebão!?
Great ilustration dude, loved it!

I think the sky is the only thing that you could work a little bit more on it.
The clouds are too cartoon and with some blur…doesnt match too much with the reality in the rest of the scene.

Keep doing great jobs like this one, best wishes!


Awesome work my friend, great scene.


Closely resembles the aesthetics of your short. By the way, how’s your short movie?

Lembra bastante a estética do teu curta. E falando nisso, como esta o curta?


Kleber… Still doing a nice work…

Kleber a propósito você ainda me deve dinheiro de um curso não finalizado em Curitiba.



Magnificent work, so much emotion, speechless. Do you render your whole short with Vray? If I may ask, what’s the render time on this frame?


Superb! Reminds me a bit on the German reality TV show “Bauer sucht Frau” (farmer looking for wife). You’re certainly an ingenious artist concerning dreamy cartoonish moods. Top work! :thumbsup:


Wonderful illustration!


sweet, nice very nice.!


Aways perfect !.

everytime when i show your jobs for people near me, everybody have the same reaction, STUNNED, and everybody say the same " this guy maybe appear handsome inside, because your vision is beautyfull " … Yes, i agree !, inside only, and with 3d only, because YOU ARE SO UGLY…kkkkkk

But your jobs are awesome… congratulations… 5 stars again…

REady to do the barbecue ?


yeah! Awesome Kleber, as always mate.

Love the colors



Wow! very nice work Klebão!
Manda Bala!! ahahahaha


good rendering :slight_smile:


Hello guys, okay?
I am very happy that you liked my work!

AlexandroCastro - thanks man!

MarcosNicacio - thanks for the suggestion.

veteehrri - thanks my friend!

tiagodmed - hi, hoo…

AndreV - hello how are you? I used the vray render, the scene was rendered with 3000 pixels in total about 1 hour and 30 minutes including layers, characters and scenery.

zokana - Hi! thanks man!

theodoru - thanks!

rexzou - thanks!

egodoi - Thanks my friend! Cheer up discounting after being called ugly lol.

longhi - thanks friend!

PCBiajante - uhuu lol

far - thanks!



Kleber… Still doing a great work since that T-Rex until now… Você ainda me deve grana.


Wow amazing lighting and characters as well!
All the best :slight_smile:


Love it!! Awesome work, love the mood, rendering, colors… Congrats!!


Very good… I specially like that pig on the right, and choice of pastel colors.