Pearl, Melanie Delon (2D)


Amazing your work is so refined
5 ***** stars
You work reminds me of one of my fav artists Ken [b]Hamilton.

[/b]Well done.

Any chance of posting a high rez pic?


thats a very sensual expression… almost as if she’s having a small orgasm.

the wrist looks a tad small considering she’s got a big boned structure.

extremely re-watchable painting.
thank you for such art.



Five for you right here!

***** (not just because everyone else gives them)


Very beautiful work! It feels very much in the tradition of painters like Bouguereau… except for the sky, of course!:slight_smile:
Nice painting!



Just lovely! My favourite of yours so far I think.

Gorgeous details on her clothing. I love her face :slight_smile:


Fantastic. Nice work on the face. 5 stars. I’m gonna get nit-picky though. My eye was immediately drawn to the soft edges on her right foot and I didn’t like them. Too many sharp edges on less important things for her feet to be so soft. The tree in the background should have been soft. The architecture isn’t in perspective and the bird doesn’t look like it’s finished. The clouds are kinda weird in the background too, they look like outer space dust fields or something. But that’s all getting nit-picky. Again, fantastic work on the face. Keep it up - beaux


Gorgeous image! Well done!


very impressive work.

5 stars


You got some ugly feet…

lol, j/k. Nice work!


That is extremely beautiful!! actually makes me want to cry…


Amazing painting…my congrats!


I love it :slight_smile: Nice and romantic.
However, something about the bird dosn’t look right. Dosn’t seam to sit in the image properly.


Your work overal looks gracefull, colorful and moody. Your cloth and skin is nicely rendered.

There are some minor improvements that could be made. For instance, your hands look as though they are captured by a different light source than the one we see reflected off the head and shoulders. The clouds could be a little more dynamic. And the light source in the background looks as though it’s coming from the water, which is ok if that is what you intended. Most importantly however is her expression. She is lonely and melancholy for the days of old. Her expression should show this to help the viewer understand her predicament.

Beautiful work. I look forward to seeing more of you’re stuff.:thumbsup:


you did it great


I just love this work - beautiful!



Great work

i love the cloth :slight_smile:


wow! Amazing piece! Great detail, rendering, everything is superb! no crits from me. 5 stars!


Lovely drawing as usual…


My own impression was that I really like this piece. Very well done indeed. The only thing that stood out negatively for me was the toes on the right foot. Specifically the toe next to the big toe… seems a bit odd.

But everything else I really liked. The perspective I thought was fine. And the shining sea I thought was fine too… the glow IS kind of unnatural, but it has a mystical feeling to it that I think works well in the piece.

Kind of makes me think of Spartali-Stillman or perhaps Bougereau, except that the colors would be too dark and subdued for a S-S.


Omg:]]] Entièrement étonnant de travaille:thumbsup: