Pearl, Melanie Delon (2D)


Title: Pearl
Name: Melanie Delon
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Hi there, this is my latest painting, her name is Myrhaelle and she lives alone on an island, she is the last descendant of the lords of this earth. She spends her days in the ruins of the ancient city, and often when the wind rises and blow through the walls of the old city she plays the luth in memorie of the past… and who knows maybe one day someone will hear her song…

use no “photo ref” for the girl, as usual i’m the model.

Well hope you’ll like it, c&c are welcome , thanks


beautiful indeed… :thumbsup:. so much to see and enjoy…:). drapes are very well handled.


the picture is well done~and I like the colour~just i think that Pearl’s brow have some factitious~~~any way ~I still like this picture~good job ~~~****4stars from me ~~~~~~:bounce: :bounce:


So this explains why i’m hearing late night music… everynight… where is this island?.. must give her a foot massage or foot spa…

the face and the foot are very strong magnetic poles here…

face is very beatiful and painted well … NORTH POLE

right foot has a very unnatural pose… SOUTH POLE … kinda makes the mind think why she’s doin that… is it an ant or simply that the foot’s tired and must change position… then the camera caught it…

is it night or day? <—don’t explain i understand what you meant…

wish to draw people and clothes like this… saves me a lot than to pay for live models or 3d posers.


Very beautiful, I’m not always aware ofthe meaning of all the symbolism but my brain says the sea is a bit too bright. I usually trust it, well, mostly…

You’re very good ad smoothly rendering forms, it’s a lot of fun to watch! :smiley:


Elegant and beautiful.



Beautiful image! :love: What references did you use?


wow !

magnifique, du très beau boulot :eek:

je suis très impressionnée :thumbsup:


amazing work! I thought it was yours when i saw the thumbnail - your have such well painted, serene faces in your works.

Congrats on another well deserved frontpage


Stunning piece of art. The girl, the ideas… amazing.


wow very nice work…

5.25 starts


another fantastic piece eskarina:)i’m impressed:thumbsup:


Splendid work! The girl and fabrics are exquisite(?). Not as crazy about the clouds, but overall a painting to be proud of.


Whoho! Simply wonderful ! It’s amazing !


Amazing! I love how solid this looks. Nicely smoothed and yet full of details. Great work! :thumbsup:


Hi Eskarina… Nice picture. Thats remember me Frida Kalo, a nice “noche colonial” and México.

Congrats. ***** from me.



You really are superb artist.

keep it up!


What a lovely painting. I am amazed that you use yourself as reference, especially for the feet. I like the odd positioning of them. Do you have a step by step reference of how you created the painting and if so can we see it? I am intrigued with the fabric and would love to see how it was created.


:love:No word,5*.


Wow, I can’t believe I never saw your work before! You have some amazing pieces, and this one is just gorgeous! I love how you paint feet and hands, they always look so graceful.

I really like the story behind this piece too. It’s so sad and mysterious. Beautiful work.

So you use yourself as a model for your painting, huh? I’ve been trying that out lately, but it hasn’t be working extremely well since I keep having the camera up too high and it warps my proportions, hehe.

Really nice work.