PD 1.46 ready to download


Hi all, Pathderformer 1.46 is ready to download at www.tarabella.it/c4d.

The video tut for this release is: http://www.tarabella.it/c4d/pd1.46.avi

Best Regards
Renato T.


thank you Renato.

There´s a tiny problem of your downloadlink on your site: http:///


You are on fire Renato! :thumbsup:


Wow, you must never sleep!

Thanks for the great update.

BTW. you need to remove <localhost> from the download link (ignore brackets)


I fixed it… but i don’t know why for 3 Slash :slight_smile:

Inside in the archive there is a new little scene called Rail_NullOffset1.46

Renato T.


Great news Renato !!

Tnx again !! :wink:




Many thanks - a great little tool and awesome service too!

Mike Abbott


hey! since i just added this to the render farm - do you know how long it takes to put this on all the cpus! ; )



lol !! Hi Dann.


hi pasto!

long time no talk. hope you are doing well!




i’m sorry, but i fear that this is not the last time that you’ll reinstall pd on a renderfarm :slight_smile:

Renato T.


yes but it was only about two days since i installed 1.45!



I’m sorry :slight_smile:
anytime that i play with pathdeformer i feel the need to add or optimize code…

1.46 seem to be ok on all point of view.

Now i need to think to N.O.T.A. and later to Pathdeformer 1.5.

Renato T.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


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