PC shutting down whenever i do a graphic intensive scene


hi guys

i am having a real annoying problem lately.my pc just randomly shuts down whenever i am playing gta SA or using maya and it even went down yesterday as i was using combustion

AMD athlon 64
2.00GHz 512 ram
winxp service pack 2
Ati radeon 9600
i have had this pc for quite some time now and have never had this problem before.
can someone pls help


It sounds like your processor is overheating, are you overclocking it at all?

Also, open up your case and see if any wires are jamming the CPU fan, that happened to me once and caused my computer to shut down.


Some things to check:

Has a fan blown and somethings (i.e. vid card) is overheating?

Bad RAM stick?

Power supply faulty?


Right click on My Computer, go to Properties, Advanced, System Start up, i think it is, and look for "automatically reboot on system failure, or somethign like that, and make sure the box is unchecked. If it is already unchecked, then the advice already given is valid, if not, then play GTA again, and hopefully a blue screen will come up - make a note of the file it reports the error with and reply it here.


Leave that box checked. It just restarts computer automaticly when it hangs, and saves you effort of pushing the reset button yourself. :slight_smile:


Unless you want to READ the error message. Which is why jcbray recommended it. Alternativly you could look up the error in the event log.


I had this problem with my old computer often while playing Battlefield 1942 or other 3D-games. The processor was overheated. I found out that the original AMD CPU coolers are pretty bad. They barely kept my CPU cool, just so far that my CPU doesn’t blow up while using Windows. Then, with a game running, the CPU went really hot (about 65°C average) and the PC rebooted at 70°C automatically to avoid damage on the CPU.
Do you still have an AMD cooler? I recommend a differrent one like one from Arctic Cooling. They don’t cost too much.
Oh, and after I replaced the cooler with a new one, I could play all the games I wanted - no more rebooting! :slight_smile:


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