PBR & Animation


Is there any chances we would see some type of PBR compatibility in silo2 to where one could at least plugin multiple textures on the same material.
Since we are able to export the fbx format now will we be seeing some type of animation editor or would we have to use a 3rd party software.
(These are just ideas of what the next updates could be for silo).

I’m making some pretty gnarly stuff in silo :]


It’s unlikely we will see any form of extensive material editor and animation is almost certainly not going to be added. Silo has always been touted as a dedicated modeling solution without the additional tools for animation, rendering, material editing to get in the way.

If Nevercenter provides a plug-in feature for a future release then such aforementioned tools could be added by others. Of course, one should not use the word ‘never’ because Nevercenter might surprise us and add those in at some point in the future.


I would prefer they don’t expand the material editor because it’s confusing enough having four different programs that have their own approach to creating UVs and surfaces.



I wouldn’t mind seeing a custom built plugin for various rendering solutions. A “GoZ” for Silo would be nice. A good ProRender module inside Silo would be friggin’ AMAZING! A ProRender can use both AMD and nVidia (…sorry Intel folks!..) so just about everyone could make use of that). A plugin for Substance files would be a godsend! (Substance Painter/Designer files, for those who don’t know). I don’t know how hard it would be to integrate these though.

That said, as long as there is a nice, robust, and consistent export for fbx files, Silo can be used with just about anything.


I would definitely support plug-ins for programs like Substance Painter!