PBORO_#DrawCember Sketchbook


Strong image! Again the textures looking great


I am literally feeling the cosyness of the warmth. Think that is the greatest skill to be able to achievethat the viewer memorises the artwork. great work! :slight_smile:




Good work on snow and aerial perspective in the latest picture. Keep up!


Very nice pictures!


This one sure seems a really good photo!!! Great work


Oh I just adore the fireplace one. It’s kinda sad but I really like it :slight_smile:
the Contrast of warm and cold and the feeling to want to snuggle oneself in a nice blanket.


wonderful works!


Ok. I know my works are too detailed. This isn’t idea of this challenge I think. That’s how I am. I start work with thoughts it’s just a sketch,just a sketch. But after an hour I start adding details. And this take me another hour or more. For me it’s a good fun but learning to. I do it for myself to improve my skills in digital painting. Again thanks to everyone who like my works :slight_smile:




The last one reminded of Stranger things otherworld


Stunning as always. I don’t know why I loke especially those who have some kind of melancholic vibe to it.
It’s just beautiful and sad at the same time.




Gremlins! :smiley: Very cool




d17_santa A tribute to all TWD fans :slight_smile:


Thats how i’m feeling now “sooo cold…”


d18_mittens Hmmm… So I hate to draw faces


pboro I don’t think you hate drawing faces, just not so confident yet.
If you have problems with faces, you can do some tricks to paint and not to paint faces simultaneously. I. G. shading all face heavily, or drawing profile (which is easier than full face.


Great pieces! Love the gremlins and scenario of the plane carcass.