PBORO_#DrawCember Sketchbook


Dang man! Your sketches (or speed paints) are so sick!
keeping my eye on this thread


Very nice ideas and pictures!


D9 Frost got really cool! The rust in the ship is perfect


Dang, If these are just sketches, what does your finished stuff look like?
Looks great!


Greatly looking forward to more, a great thread. Your compostions are also very nice, often with a wintery feeling - lovely.


Wow nicestyle! Last two, the best ones for me!




simply incredible :smiley: just wow!


Beautiful textures!




pretty cool``~…


Wow those are really really nice. The “simplified” style you call it really captures the mood of each piece. I think those would be wonderful at concept art for movie scenes or games.
How long do you take for one of those?


That deer and ship are really stellar! :slight_smile:


Oooh, I really like the textures and colors on your last piece !
The composition and the lighting gives a very unique feeling… As if we were there, at that place, at that particular moment.

I like that ! :applause:


Great textures of wood and snow! Loved it pboro


I agree you texture is perfect.
The atmosphere is masterfully rendered.:applause:


I really enjoy your rendering of snow in your environment pieces. Very beautiful!




Nice and warm fireplace :). Very good work!


Nice use of lighting to create focal points!