PBORO_#DrawCember Sketchbook




Gremlins! :smiley: Very cool




d17_santa A tribute to all TWD fans :slight_smile:


Thats how i’m feeling now “sooo cold…”


d18_mittens Hmmm… So I hate to draw faces


pboro I don’t think you hate drawing faces, just not so confident yet.
If you have problems with faces, you can do some tricks to paint and not to paint faces simultaneously. I. G. shading all face heavily, or drawing profile (which is easier than full face.


Great pieces! Love the gremlins and scenario of the plane carcass.




this is just stunning I love it :smiley:


The effect of freezing is really good!:applause:




Something I haven’t looked into yet is textures - brush textures, but also area textures. I see several people doing that. Mine are images made up of added spot color. I need to find out what some of these painting methods are - washes probably. Over and under paint. Layering. I just draw everything.

These are all great. In a similar way to above, there’s a level of simplicity or brevity with lines and strokes. Actually, I’m not sure what’s working, but they do. Good stuff.




can´t stop staring at your gingerbread man painting :open_mouth: really well done. I myself use far to less texture brushes. you work in photoshop?




19 and 22 are amazing! Love the textured strokes and lighting.


Amazing work! The scared Gingerbread is my favorite. I like how you took the suggested keywords and didn’t went with the immediate associations.
Also I love how your sketches look like paintings.


Lovely Works man! Really glad you made all 22 and hope to see alot more in 2018 :slight_smile: Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


There’s different extreme mood for Christmas spirit in your daily art challenge~

I am totally buying your Dark Christmas ideas…haha…

COngrats~ Merry Christmas…
Stay safe from fire and stay closer to the beer.