Payed online courses what is the best? what do you recomend?


I did find those here:

I am wondering what will help me to speed up my progress in this field (Charater artist)
Goal is to learn charter artist and later planing to continue in to rigging and also VFX stuff.

As i understand there is specific pipeline in charter artist: Modeling (or sculpting) >> Texturing is that correct?
My goal is to learn sculpting and texturing in right order.
To sculpt well and be able to create believable charters

What courses would you pick up first? What do you think are those any good or are yoputube tutorials and vimeo ones equally good?

Note i do not want to advertise anyone. I found this info from web and i want to make sure that i am on the right path.

Or you recommend instead searching YouTube and Vimeo for sculpting lessons (nose, ears, eyes, torso, arms, legs etc).
My friend recommended to start practicing those sculpts as separate parts.
my goal is to increase my skill level also not with program but also be able to do believable charters in zbrush.


I can’t recommend any online courses, since I am self taught, but you might want to check out UArtsy:

I have purchased many training videos over the years from places like the Gnomon Workshop, Digital Tutors, Eat3D, etc. I have also purchased training videos from artists at places like Gumroad & Udemy. These independent training videos are typically much cheaper than the ones from the big name sites and in my opinion are better because the artists take their time to explain everything and show you everything from start to finish. A lot of the big name sites like to skip over things or rush through and not explain everything thoroughly. Also, most of the big name sites are now subscription based, so you can’t buy videos anymore. So, if you want to purchase training videos, I would recommend Gumroad & Udemy.

Youtube is a good place to find free stuff, but it’s not always the best quality and you have to spend a lot of time searching to find good information from knowledgeable people who know what they’re talking about. But, it is free, and you can find some good information if you take the time to dig around.


Thank you so much.
Constructive feedback means a lot to me.
You have provided this to me always.
This helps a lot.
When I am low on money this is what i do YouTube and Vimeo as i have also no option for school, but i refuse to believe that education and skill set that is required to be able to become successful in this area
CGI more specific: Character artist, riging and VFX
Determination and passion for this gets me far i believe.
But as person who needs to learn all by myself as no school behind me it is some times harder to understand in what order learn things + not sure is the information that person provides in YouTube video valid or not.
In Sculpting should i go for anatomy first? Texturing later?
Or order does not mater?


Learn how to get your model created first, so anatomy/sculpting should be the first thing you need to concentrate on. Once you can create a good looking model, then you can focus on learning how to paint/texture it.


I too recommend UArtsy - very strongly. They have a ton of courses, but the one that really took my Zbrush game from a guy tinkering around to someone that actually knows the program (being talented at it is another thing) was Ryan Kingslein’s certification program. Ryan used to be on the dev team at Pixologic and he teaches the program from Pixologic’s perspective. Once you see the program the way they do its less important that you memorize where every little feature is - you just sort of logically deduce where it would be. Like I said, that particular class was a real game changer for me, and Ryan offers lifetime access to the class - meaning when he teaches it again, after a new version of Zbrush comes out with new features for example, you can take the class again for free.


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