Pay for r21 or else


I was just on the phone with a very nice contact person for a distributor Of Cinema 4D, after I replied to an email that asked for a payment for r21.

As you may know, I no longer feel that Maxon is the ‘cool guy’ in the room. Since r21 is in my eyes a very weak release and with the future of a subscription C4D, I am no longer interested in any more versions of C4D, until that time that Maxon get’s back down to Earth. (Yeah I know, not going to happen).

The nice contract person just told me that I HAVE to pay.

Because that’s apparently in my contract. With Maxon.

If I don’t pay, for something I do not want, I might get into trouble with collecting agencies and things like that. Paying even more.

I did’t download, nor used r21, because for me that book was closed.

On top of that, did I spend the money I usually put aside for C4D after I learned of Maxon’s future strategy concerning subscriptions.

I’m a hobbyist, in a wheelchair with 2 severely damaged kidneys running at 30%. Living on what my government provides me with. Wish it was different but it is the way it is.

I’m just flabbergasted. Sitting here with my mouth wide open.
Is this normal? Did anyone of you ever run into this?

Is this all a big error, or what?


That seems weird and wrong to me, hopefully someone will shed some light on this.

Where in the world are you and who is the distributor?

It might be a good idea to call whichever Maxon office serves your area.


I’m in the Netherlands. The person on the phone told me he would try his best to see what he could do for me, so I don’t want tostart mentioning names. Just, I’m so, sitting here with my chest pounding, like this can’t be happening? I’m posting here to see if this is the normal way Maxon does business.

Really stumped.


Reach out to Maxon directly about it.


Sounds like a misunderstanding.

Did you subscribe for r21? Did you have an MSA that you converted to a subscription? Like, what’s your history here?


What kind of contract did you sign? A 2 year MSA or something?

An MSA with auto-renewal?

These type of contracts are legal in some countries, but not all of them. I think it’s standard practice in Germany, not in France, don’t know about Netherlands.

They are phasing out the MSA but if you had an autorenewal whose date arrived before August 28, you might have to pay up one last time, unless you specified that you wanted the contract to end in due time. Like a phone or TV subscription contract.

Given the situation of the MSA system and yours in particular, that’d be a tough blow though.


Just a MSA, I pay and get to download the new version.

Never occurred to me it was a, “here’s the download now pay up or else!” situation.



To be honest, I never looked into it. Just standard MSA I guess. Gosh feel I stupid now. If this is a pay if you don’t cancel before ‘x’ system I’m forked.

Friday the 13th…


There is always a chance this was a telephone fraudster trying to get money out of you. They have got your details from somewhere and are trying to shaft you. Double and triple check the details of the people contacting you.

You need to be clear in your mind when you paid and what you thought you paid for. You always pay for the MSA ahead of time so I don’t know what this could be?

Being in Europe you should be covered for right to cancel up to 14 days.

‘If you bought a product or a service online or outside of a shop (by telephone, mail order, from a door-to-door salesperson), you also have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification.


I was in the same boat.
Apparently, the MSA contract I signed back in the days of R11.5 (when the bundles got removed)
was one of the “auto-renewed” types. Up to end of April I was able to cancel the contract.
Obviously, with the announcement of R21 the chance to cancel had elapsed by 3 months.

In the end I also was informed by my local reseller that I HAD TO PAY, time to cancel was long gone.


That refers only to new purchases. If you have a self-renewing MSA that you bought months ago, then this right of cancellation does not apply.


This page has some information:

@C4DS the article states that (in the netherlands) the cancellation period after an automatic renewal is max 1 month. So if you were told it’s 3 months, you might want to check your local laws. Maybe it’s not allowed.


Given your health situation, I would enquire if you are eligible for an NFR version of Cinema 4D, ( not for re-sale ) you can use indefinitely.

It’s hard to believe that a company as big Maxon wouldn’t be able to provide you that on compassionate grounds, if you were to provide some evidence or be able to organise that through the doctors / nurses vie the Hospital you are connected with… It’s worth a try…


I was trying to help Rikof and at the time I posted that message it wasn’t clear to me at least when or what had been paid for and it could’ve been a scam. I certainly wasn’t aware that Maxon ran these shyster level MSA auto-renewals.

But thanks for your extremely valuable contribution anyway.

If there are any Maxon representatives following this thread it might be a good opportunity to prove Maxon hasn’t completely lost the plot and help Rikof and void this contract.


And I was trying to correct a misleading info. So keep your sarcasm to yourself.

Really, this forum has become a nasty place.


It wasn’t misleading it turned out to be not relevant, and no one would be mislead by it because Rikof would’ve known it wasn’t relevant to their situation.


You could argue the circumstance of Maxon stopping altogether the MSA change the value of it and should void a contract based on its perpetuity which implies an automatically renewal.

The end of MSA was an information was only released at beginning of this month.


Feel free to PM me.


Hi guys, first off thank you all for your valued input.

Secondly lets not bite each others head off, that’s not needed here and only devalues this forum. We are (I hope) here to help and learn from each other, not get into each others hair. :wink:

Reason why I put the OP up was, besides being shocked to my core (I really didn’t see this coming), was that I wanted to see if there has been someone else who has run into this in the past.
@C4DS sort off confirmed my worst fear. So after a bad night yesterday it just sank in during the rest of the day that this is one of those moments where things are the way they are. Not that I’m happy with the situation though.

I’m going to wait if the Dutch distributor can do anything for me, or as @BubblegumDimension suggested, my mail to Maxon, which I send last Friday gets any response. Worst case scenario, I have to put some things aside and use that to pay for something I do not want.

@Scott_M_C4D-2, thank you for your input but last thing I want is special treatment. Maybe I should had not written my situation down but at the time I wanted to avoid the, it’s only 1 or 2 jobs before you can make your money back, man up response. I did get my share of NFR’s though :wink: in the past when I ran with a few other Dutch people a Dutch C4D forum (high-five to Obiwan, Kat and the rest, miss you guys).

Again thank you all. I’ll post the outcome here, good or bad.
I’ll PM the mysterious PM invite above now.


That PM invite is from the CEO of Maxon.