Pax Bradley: Short Sci-Fi Animation


I posted this on the forums at, and it was suggested that I post it here as well. It not up to the quality of most of what I see here, but I could still use your feedback.

I completed a short science fiction animation in Blender, and made a site for it (and future animations I’ll be making):

I know there is a lot of problems with it, but I made a conscious effort not to spend too much time on it. What’s happened with all other projects I start, is that I get obsessed with making it perfect and fiddle with minor things until I’m sick of it. By that time, I’ve only completed a small portion of the project, and abandon it.

My idea is to create a Flash Gordon-esqe serial for the internet consisting of 2-3 minute animations.

Even though this first episode is finished (and I can see a million problems already), I would like to know what you all think about it, and what skills you think I should focus on improving as I make more episode.


Trevor Jacobs


Its awesome that you found dedicated time to finish such a complete animation. I have the same problem keeping the momentum going sometimes too.

Perhaps what this animation could use is more cuts and camera angles to keep the shots fresh. Another thing which stood out is his crawling movement. Seemed like he was kind of sliding along the ground; no pauses between steps.

The lipsyncing was good. I liked how the cam was right up close so we could see it.

Keep it going, already eagar to see what happens next.



I thought I would let everybody know that I finished episode 2. It’s better than the first one, but I would still really enjoy your critiques, so that I can do a better job on episode 3.

The second episode can also be seen at:



Cool animation. My senior thesis animation is inspried by Flash Gordon as well. My character also has a butt chin as well, but I think I’m going in a different direction. Looking forward to more of these! How long do they take to animate?


I’ll bet you are going in a different direction… while my idea was inspired by Flash Gordon it has wandered… I think it’s now somewhat closer to Adam West’s Batman :slight_smile: I’d love to see your thesis when it’s done!

What I tried to do with the second episode is spend a week on the storyboard and sound; a week on modeling; a week and a half animating; and three days putting it all together. I went over a couple days on each one of those sections, but I came fairly close. I could definitly take longer, but I try to restrict myself so that I don't grow bored.

I usually work on it 3 to 4 hours a night. My son goes to bed at 8pm, and I start working on it after that. I stop around 11pm. I don't have any formal training in animation (as you can probably tell), so it's probable that with more knowledge and practice I'll be able to make them quicker... or I'll take the same amount of time and just make them better.


Trevor Jacobs


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