Pavarotti , Tiago Hoisel (2D)


Title: Pavarotti
Name: Tiago Hoisel
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

One more illustration made for Leo Burnett Brazil. The big deal for this job were defining how much should the character be more rooster or human. In fact the client wanted it to be an odd hybrid, while preserving Pavarotti identifiable. Several studies were made before reaching this aspect.
After that i spent about 40 hours painting the feathers one by one. I hope you like it.


beautifull pavarotti :wink:


I love it! Incredible details on the feathers… what a patience!


awesome job not only on painting in excellent detail but even more so on giving him those facial features of Pavarotti - this rooster looks just like him heheh! :applause:


Wow the expression is great! =))
I love how much you worked on the details , this is something I nearly always don’t have the patience to do =))


congratulation ! nice stuff ! nice coloration !!! really good !


Ow, its odd and that makes it incrediblly good!
Great details level.



this is just hilarious,
i didn’t even look at the tittle and thought, WOW THIS IS ROOSTEROTTI!!!
just imagine living on that farm,
and waking up every morning to his “Nessun Farma” :stuck_out_tongue:

great job Tiago


stunning work Tiago, apart from beautiful work on the character i even like how u did other parts, the wood and the ground. fantastic…:).


Amazing piece of work mate, really inspirational.

Evocative, emotive, profound - just plain awesome!


Great work, Chamo!


Haha great! very original :slight_smile:


Well done! Pavarotti was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. Great job and solution in getting a rooster to look like him. Not an easy task.


first time looks funny, but as u see more longer at his face will turn scary, can u imagine if a chicken face in a reality looks like this, i will runaway. LOL. anyway, it’s a very nice piece of art, the detail is crazy. :wink:


Very nice work. I like the fact that he has teeth!


Hahahaha!! wow quite freaky but funny! excellent work :slight_smile:


Really nice image,great job!


Congrats dude! amazing concept and details!
keep going! 5 Stars!:bowdown::bowdown:


this is crazy wonderful Facial experience


HAHAHAHA My friend… my dead grandmother might consider this sacrilege, but I think it’s BAD ASS! :smiley: