paulius3d accelerate final image


Hi everyone, this is my final entry for NVArt - Accelerate contest.

Vehicle: my futuristic vehicle is a racing car. To make it a bit more interesting I decided to make wheels like spheres, that way even on a very high speed there will be minimum friction. The wheels will be very solid and do not force car to move. It will move from nuclear power, with couple of turbines in different places to control the alignment and direction of the car.
Environment: my thoughts about future racing lap started from idea, that all roads have to be lifted much higher above the ground, to look more extreme. To close the top of the space (like in NY, you can hardly see the sky) I decided to make mushroom like buildings (initial idea, from one of syd’s images). Latter added one more “donut” building to close space even more. The fans on the right add some more drama and dynamic to the image. The “infoPlane” in the middle is designed to inform about main events, it makes a particle line with info, and after some time it spreads leaving empty space.
People: to look more alive and add more dynamic to the image I added some people. My first try looked to old style, so I took some ideas on clothing from Syd.
Color and post: I had 3d render quite a long time ago, but my post also took quite some time (~2 weeks). That wasn’t just going and developing the same image, but re rendering and starting everything from scratch for about 7 or more times :slight_smile: My 3d render looked completely flat, so I added depth by tinting spaces, that way I didn’t loose my detail in further objects (according to blurring). Frankly, later I was copying colors from one of syd’s images and trying to apply them to my image. I guess that worked for environment but not so good for vehicle. Lately I adjusted colors of vehicle by adding some green to light areas, some more reflection, and that become some kind overall concerted for me.

Oth: not a full week ago there was my wedding :slight_smile: so I was a bit occupied and didn’t submitted too much of wip images to consider. Big thanks to all you guys who helped my here, also want to thank imperioli, who gave me a lot of good advices on skype (I see you are one of the winners on Bee-Movie contest - congratulations :wink: Tonight I am leaving to my honey moon trip, so sorry for slow replies if needed. Have fun and good luck with your entries :wink:


great concept on the car and also on the bg… :beer: good luck :wink:


wow… sweet


cgdigi, NovA29R - thanks for you kind words.
cgdigi - you can’t stop drawing :wink: I like most of your images, very good coloration, composition and style. Good luck.


I like what you have done, good luck mate


I desided that image looks a bit messy, so separated vehicle even more. What do you guys think?


Mmm. This is a good one. I like it.

I like it better the original one, its more balanced.


YAY! You finally finished it…It’s wonderful!I also like how the characters seem to be telling a story…the two guys talking / arguing, the woman checking herself in the reflection…lol.

Excellent Job…I have to agree though, I like the first image better, it feels more like a cohesive scene.
Overall, great job on the design and the final composition.

Cheers to you Mate and the Best of Luck to you :slight_smile:


this drawing reflect really good the atmosphere of competition car , the render is very nice,
the design of the vehicule original and coherent , i really like this image


NICE…:drool: Great job all round.


Great concept and excellent execution, very much in the style of the contest :thumbsup: Best of luck!


Thank you guys, I have been looking to this image for so long, that I don’t see anything here at all. Your good words realy mater for me.


The second version is better. Very nice work and your secret agent is also greate.


excellent render style. one thing that jumped at me is the number 23. looks like a nike jordan shoe car concept.


I love the changes even though your original image is pretty fantastic. The environment you have created for your beautiful vehicle is superb. The checkers on the woman’s dress are brilliant…but I have to ask: Is she fixing her lipstick in the chrome reflection? Congratulations and good luck!


dodgeOrBURN > thanks :wink: Yes, I tried to show her doing make-up near the chrome wheel :slight_smile:


Whohoo nice and rich image, cool design, especially i like characters in sead’s style.

P.S. : Sveikinimai sukurus seima :wink:


HAHAHAHA! That is hysterical! Great work!


Dodgeas3d, dodgeOrBURN > thank you guys :wink:
p.s. Dodgeas3d - aciu ir uz seimyninius sveikinimus, tu tikriausiai irgi judi panasia linkme, arba jau aplenkes :slight_smile: <<< oftopic text


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