Paul F Diaz - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Hi guys!

I have a little bit of spare time, I 'll try to give this a shot. I’m going to figure out a couple of ideas and then hopefully post something. :slight_smile:



Sorry for the delay, I finally found a little bit of time. After thinking about a couple of ideas I narrowed it down to this one. Below is my Step animation pass. The character I’m using is by :slight_smile:

100 frames 4 sec 2.7 mgs


I love it! I hope you do a lot of facial animation for this one, I can see a lot of twisted agony before the cut, and wild desperation after.

Poor guy. That helmet is sorely equiped to protect him in a few seconds.



Hi Paul,
great idea - I like your “Research Scientist” :slight_smile:

Two things:
I’m not quite sure, but I would try to cut a little bit earlier, maybe 2-3 Frames. So that the back-movement of your character (specially the left leg) is shorter.
Another thought … stay closer with your camera on the scene, when you do your action cut. There is a lot of empty space around it at the moment.

Just my 2 cents … :wink:

  • Susanne


Thanks for your comments, they are really appreciated!:thumbsup: I still have to push these poses a little further thats why the camera is a little back. I’ll hopefully have something to post soon, once again thank you.:slight_smile:


I like it too, very funny. For some reason I love the animation detail of the helmet at the end …

my comments would be to lose the “to be continued” at the end. we can’t read it and it doesn’t bring much to the story - the countdown does it all

And when he’s pulling the wires, his bottom is just rotating, not translating at all. that make the previous anticipation a bit still and you lose the pushing of the legs.

Also when he lower down in anticipation, before jumping on the bomb, i would push his bottom foward a bit more. it seems it just translate Y down at the moment.



Great Feedback!:slight_smile:

Here is an update, started smoothing the first half and pushed the last pose in the 2nd half. Still lots of more work to do:)



I guess this is going to have to be it for now. I had a lot of fun with this session and once again thanks for everyones feedback.:slight_smile:


hey great work.

It’s funny cause the helmet is moving in the wrong direction when he jumps, but it kind of works… maybe because of the squash and stretch business … how ?!!

otherwise the glasses are a bit disturbing at the end… it make me loose the track of the animation of his face… but that’s just me, maybe.
and I still love the helmet bit and all the tinny details, like the chair swinging, the strong poses etc…

Does the guy says “COME ON” at the end??? niiice


It looks great paul! Nice work!


Thanks for the comments!

Cecile - Yeah I wasnt sure about the glasses but felt that it was more dramatic if they flew off. I’m happy that you saw him say “Come on!” at the end:). I was hoping that it would read too.

Awake - Thanks man! Your animation worked out quite nicely:thumbsup: !


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