Patriot Radar, Todd Lee (3D)


Title: Patriot Radar
Name: Todd Lee
Country: Us
Software: 3dsmax

Working on another DOD contract. Heres a still from the latest, Patriot Radar sitting in front of Baghdad International Airport. The Patriot Radar is one of our in-house models… may originally come from a model bank or something, it was here before i started working, I just re-textured it/sweetened it up.


Is there any way that i could get a resume off of you?
I really like your work and would like to talk shop.


Thanks chaoshateness

I’d be glad to post one later this evening. I’ll PM you the link later.


realistic picture man


Yeah, realistic! Good image!


Thanks guys!


looks excellent.

great job !


thanks cadster! i spent about 2 full days on that ground texture and i’m still not happy with it!


the ground looks good to me… i see no problem with it. i think the overall image is a bit cool (as opposed to being bright and hot), looks more like europe and not the mid-east to me. maybe some heat vapors coming off the ground would help :slight_smile: . this is just spouting ideas and not making request. the image is impressive, mesa likes.

whats the res of the vehicle textures ?


hmmm, vapors, might not be a bad idea… probably could do it in post.

yeah i know what you mean about the temp of the environment. i wonder if i just bumped up the levels in post also.

thanks for the suggestions.


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