Patient, James Busby (3D)


Title: Patient
Name: James Busby
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Lightwave 3D, Photoshop

Hey this is the latest incarnation of my failed Strange Behaviour model. he’s been modeled and rendered using Lightwave 9.3. The skin done with the new simple skin shader… textures and post done in Photoshop and fusion.


5* from me.
It’s really photorealistic.
I love it!


woow its so real :slight_smile:
great work man 5star


Is that a photo?Great job!The effect of skin is really perfect!


5 Stars here, deadly job!!! :scream:


Strong character… this is awesome.


That’s just beautiful! It’s so nice to see something that’s not 1) a naked fairy; 2) a really old man with a super-ZBrushed face, or 3) a naked fairy on CGTalk. The quality of this image is superb.

Seriously, five stars.


[left]the character looks fantastic… very realistic skin texture… great work… a five star work


Cheers for all the positive feedback guys :wink:

Here’s a screen grab of the base mesh…


You did a great job, really, i don’t comment very often in here but this time i really had to. 5 stars.


Very nice. I love the expressiveness of the face. It makes me wonder, who is this guy? Is he a patient who is going in for surgery? Is he in a mental hospital? The contrast between the light and dark on his face makes me feel like he is conflicted/ divided.
Really good. 5*


Brilliant work, I like it a lot. Very well done!


Stunningly realistic! Excellent work!



Definitely one of the best human render’s I have seen. Really nice work!


Nice work matey!



Great job, award winning for sure. I loved your LW node setup over at spinquad. Ace stuff.

Hope this goes front page and I am glad you made the move ovr to Simple SKin ; )




amazing work,


genius as ever :slight_smile:


Awesome work. The skin is indeed very successful.


great work!
that new LW shader completely reminds me the fast_sss_shader :scream:

cheers, btw