Patient Care


Done on a one night benge of modeling just for fun. Wanted to make a scene that was dramatic and kind of dark. Done in Max of course, with the help of Phototshop.


It’s not bad, the lighting is a little flat though. The floor could use a bit more bump on it and the stains on it all seem painted on. Darken up the corners and the rest of the room focusing more on the light coming through the window, it will give a more dramatic effect.

Also the camera angle is really bland which causes a severe deprevation of composition. The light, the bed are all dead center frame. Maybe try a more dramatic camera angle from about 3-4 feet from the foot of the bed towards the ground and have the camera facing up slightly.

Also some of those stainless steel tables and maybe one of those IV drips next to the bed would really be nice. You can rust them all out and dirty them up to fit the scene.


Thanx for the input, I will change thoes things and post it back up.


good ambiance :slight_smile:


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