pathMATE R15+ update


Just a heads up for a R15+ update
of pathMATE. (15.057 or higher incl R16).

tcastudios -> xfiles



lennart are there descriptions somewhere of what all these tools/plugs actually do?


flingster, tag “info”(from right) link, at


thanks ilay :thumbsup:


Hi Lennart,
Thanx a lot for your tools.
I would like to use SplineBOOLE to generate a spline at the intersection of two volumes.
The console send this message back:

splineBOOLE.pype: Cannot load plugin because the encryption has been updated. Please re-encrypt thePython Plugin.

i’m working on C4D R17, can you help me and re-encrypt the plug?

as i’m really interested in plugin dev, i would be very happy to learn how to build such usefull tools. If you have some advices about how to start, i would be happy to receive them!
Thank you



Hey Lennart.
Sorry I’m asking here, but I do not see the possibility of doing this on
My question about your plugins.
Do you have any plans to update at least keyMATE and plaMATE? Since they stopped working from version 18, I believe…
They are both very useful and cool plugins.