Path, Kentaro Kanamoto (2D)


Title: Path
Name: Kentaro Kanamoto
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Personal work. I wanted to paint something nostalgic yet the elements in the picture were closer in space so I could play with textures and details.
All done in Photoshop.

Thank you for looking.



Absolutely stunning piece. The atmosphere is so evocative and the lighting is simply fantastic. The rim lighting on the character in the mid ground is particularly lovely. If I had to offer a tiny critique it would be that the architectural details in the foreground (the windows in particular) look a bit flat, but other than that the image is really wonderful.

Front page for you.


Superb ! Great atmosphere and lighting…


Great lighting and mood! 5 stars


Love it, beautiful lighting and mood, love the composition too.


it sucks you right in, I feel like am standing in that alleyway. The lighting is just so beautiful.


the lighting is perfect, nothing could improve this piece.


I totally agree. The lighting is really what makes this piece stand out. However, I don´t agree on the flat windows. To me these are covered with grilles so a flat appearance due to the rough painting style is what I would expect.

Great work in any case.


Beautiful piece! The composition, depth and lighting are simply captivating. Look forward to more from you. :thumbsup:


Beutifull picture!
Amazing light and composition;)



Stunning indeed, love the style. But if I may critique as well :arteest:… I think the skyscrapers in the background are totally unnecessary. In my opinion they play no part in the picture or composition, in fact I think they’re spoiling the mood and complicating the composition.


Astounding ! :drool: Nothing to criticize here. Everything seems perfect to me ! :bowdown:


Thank you all for wonderful comments! much appreciated.

Thank you for the critique on the windows and the towers, I will reevaluate those parts!

All the best!


Great mood dude, nice work.


wow, Thanks!
I love your work. I’m honored.


Wow, amazing atmosphere, really like this a lot!! Thank for sharing!!!


This is such a beautiful scene you’ve captured. The textures look so realistic, and the light that comes in is beautifully painted. It looks so warm that I actually feel the heat.

Congratulations ;D


truly wonderful, outstanding work!


I see a super tower at the very background. It is intented? If yes its a nice contrast between a slump and a mega structure?


excellent! :slight_smile: