Path Constraint v.0.6 for Download


Free to you, a path constraint tool with twist, taper, offset, start, and end options.

Have fun.


I was wrestling with authoring simpler functionality a few days ago.
Your procedure puts my scripting skills to shame.
This is what everyone wants.
Immediate gratification.
With bonus bells n whistles.

Thankyou for this.

Once I’ve run the script
I’m able to get all objects to rotate around circular periodic curves by rotating the curve. Which works well with nonLinear and Lattice deformers.

But I have a question:

your script results in all attached objects’ uValues being controlled by expressions, probably for Twist, Taper, Offset, etc. functionality

If I had a complex path ––say, a helical path bent in a circle and made periodic–– how would I go about animating objects attached to it via your script so that they moved around the path while maintaining spacing? A la tread or conveyor.

I feel so ungrateful making the suggestion
but I think the option to invoke the “continuous circuit” animation, described above, ought to remain available.
Whether on top of the functionalities you’ve added
or separately.

Yup. Feel like an ingrate.

Edit #2:
The “separately” solution can be obtained by selecting and deleting all expressions in the Outliner.
This frees up all moPaths uValues for manipulation.
From there it is a case of figuring out how to increment uValues.
I invite anyone interested to visit a previous thread concerned with exactly that objective:



I’m glad it has been somewhat helpful to your scenario. By now, you’ve discovered the offset attribute will animate the objects along the path, as you have described, with the exception of the “closed circuit”, like tank tread.

I can certainly add that as an option. In fact, it’s another objective I want to meet for this tool. I’ll start on that next.

No need to feel ashamed to ask me to improve it. I’m happy someone likes it, and is asking more of me. It a way for me to grow as a TD.


I’ve addressed your issues, and you can download the new script, example scene, and videos at
I made example videos for both tank tread and complex curves. I also made the videos with my students in mind, so it’s over explained. Have fun! Please share with me what you make, so I can include it in my demo reel and resume.


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