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I’m having troubles passing a variable in a custom particle attribute to another emitter in the scene. In a nutshell, what I would like to do is have the particle be an emitter and then control the emission rate with the speed [ mag(pShape1.velocity) ] of the parent particle. The faster the particle travels, the higher the emission rate. I have it all set up except for passing the variable to the emitter.rate. I’m sure this is possible so if anyone can shed some light on the subject you’d be great! Thanks!

Scott Willman


Try using an expression, or using the connection editor…? BTW - I didn’t know shape nodes had a velocity attribute - do they, or is this something else you need to work out how to calculate…?



not sure how much it might change your setup, but perhaps do emission by per-vertex, and then use the ‘new’ PP attributes that you can use in 6.0 to drive the emission ratePP based off their velocity (i think emission rate was there in earlier versions…?). otherwise, you might need to write your PP attr/value to a dummy multi-array attribute set that you can then connect to your emitters.


you rock man - you’re the only person out of four major forums to contribute that. It’s perfect, thanks!


Hey Scott! Yeah, that is a good answer if you’re using 6.0. My answer below was assuming that you weren’t necessarily using the latest Maya version, as many people are not:

– Mark


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