passage through the old shrine, mohamadtaghi aibaghi esfehani (3D)


Title: passage through the old shrine
Name: mohamadtaghi aibaghi esfehani
Country: Iran
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello every one,
This is a project that I’ve been working on for a couple of months part time.
Beeing inspired by Frank Frazetta’s amazing paintings I decided to depict an art work in
which, a valiant warrior is passing through an old haunted place facing some evil characters.
Now Im not sure whether or not he breaks ito a fight with these guys so feel free to interpret.
For this piece, I used Maya, Zbrush, Mental ray, Photoshop,shave and haircut…
All the textures were painted using Zbrush per polly painting function and projection master
in combination with basic Photoshop techniques.
I tried not to use any real life textures and painted all the details by hand.
Hope u like it and comments are totally welcome.


good idea! composition, detail, texture and atmosphere was very well thought but characters are not relax…working out of this very successful


WoooW that’s really awesome . it’s look like a great CG scene , maybe a poster for a Horror movie or something …

anyway great job man :thumbsup:


Great work. Nice style of lighting. No overkill on anything. Really good image.


This is the work that requires more appreciation and applause, I cant find words to say.
Its more than awesome, wonderful, stunning and so on. Excellent piece of work.


congratulations!really awesomem ,details look stunning …

the main character and the left creature look great,nice lighting atmosphere and textures .
i think the color af the torch looks flat,and maybe shaders should be more wet cose of the rain!
after all creat work!
5 stars*****


Great scene planning & layout. Nice lighting and rain effects.


wow …
dear friend .
it’s very perfect work .
I like your lighting and textering .
Very nice .
Best regards .


thanks a lot every one, I really appriciate your kind words…
best regards ,
sohrab esfehani:bowdown:


This is a great scene. I like the lighting and textures on the characters. If I would critique something would be the expression of the main character, which on the contrary seems to have no expression. If you would probably add some emotion to his face, and probably modify a bit his posture, it would add even more tension to the scene. Nevertheless, great job.


I must say that I am aware of the fact that the main characters pose is too relax for this scene. I kinda wanted to make him look like he is not affraid at all, but seems like I wasnt so sucsessful.
thanks any ways.:thumbsup:


Love the mood, his hair reminds me of Christopher Walken’s in The Deer Hunter, great stuff :slight_smile:


Look of terror,but it is very good works.


I think that the modelling, texturing and lighting are all great!
The composition doesn’t have the impact for me I know the image has to potential to provide, perhaps if you rework the poses as you say this might just come naturally.

Great work though!
Keep it up!


Excellent textures on the main character and a i also loved the detail models on your portfolio and the character designs excellent light as well.
Although, facial expressions does make me feel they are hypnotized or still.

Keep up the good work.


I really want to say congratulations for your skills in texture painting. The atmosphere and characters are nicely done. But I’m agree with people below about character feeling.
After all. Perfect job!
Best wishes:


thanks for ur kind words every one, yeah I could have done it a lot better than this as far as the poses and the expretions. but i decided not to spend any more time on this piece.
thank you anyways…
best regards ,
sohrab esfehani. :bowdown:


very good gob i like it the modeling i feel im an same movie wonderful work,
tell me why u not work animation by this modeling ???

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


very nice work! i like the modeling, lighting and the detail! :thumbsup:
i agree with the others though, the characters could be a bit more relaxed.
Keep up the good work!:buttrock:


Nice, but everything is too dry, the hair of the man is too fluffy. You may add some bouncing rain drops, more specularity on the bodies and the stones, more wetness. Also the composition is a little confusing for me…
The modeling and texturing are top-noch :thumbsup: