Party Pods


I suspect that in the future people will just party all the time, drive around in cool cars and generally have a laugh. They will have levitating constructions called Party Pods, which allow people to drink Venusian wine and boogie way above the ground (otherwise a person’s lifestyle could become boring).


I dont know about this one… Your last one seemed better’


Jast SYD Like… :wip:

:applause: hehe plagiar… a litl :wink: eny way good work man…


RyanWalsh - I’m not as keen either but nothing lost, it was fun to do

Romixer - That was my main ref pic, of course. Who better to reference in a Syd Mead style challenge than Syd Mead? :wink:


but syd would never do goofy bubble thingies!


Hi Baron,

Nevermind these guys they are just jealous you created something spectacular and amazing! Nice design by the way, i like it a lot, take care for now.


Thanks, Peter, glad you like it. It’s just a fun piece really, I’m not a vehicle designer type so I figured I’d create a full scene instead. And yeah, some people make silly comments when they should really be concentrating on their own work :wink:


I really like what you’ve done here, I think Syd is going to love the foliage. I was using the exact same reference image for pallet sampling (before I dropped the idea of attempting 2d… not enough practice to do the comp justice… I’m really just a lowly prop maker :P), its one of my favourites from his early/US Steel stuff.


cool image… love all the interaction on the people, good luck


TMunro - Thanks, I appreciate the comment. Must say, I’m happier doing foliage than cars and that’s a fact :slight_smile:

techguy - Cheers, glad you like it


Hallo BaronImpossible,
Love the ambient occlusion that you are using in all of your works.Especially whene i know that is handmade not 3d or whatever…
Seems to be the concept of a cartoon movie or so.Great work as always!!

Sorry for my English.


hey baron, nice to see your second image. love the colors and the vehicles. good luck in your entry :wink:


LefTerris - Thanks for dropping by. Yep, very cartoony this one. Not my usual style but cool to do anyway :slight_smile:

cgdigi - Thanks v much, good luck to you also!


Just wanted to say I really like this one (as I liked “big red”). I agree that your foliage is superbly done; but also that you have been able to recreate that elusive quality in Syd Mead’s work: it shows you how people really live in that time and place; everything fits.

P.S.: First thing that came to mind was The Garden of Earthly Delights.


i find it funny the ones posting the most criticism about how bad art is, they are the same ones with entries themselves

and b4 you ask Romixer this is my entry
feel free to stop by and flame my work to

p.s. i like your entry it reminds my of a future playscape, great concept and very original


really man what have you been doing i would never though in million years of something like this
its cool futuristic and funny as hell
well done


mujambee - Thanks :slight_smile: The trees were my favourite bit, I think, I could paint trees and rocks all day

USERpick05 - Heh, that’s always the way , best just ignore them. Glad you like this, cheers :slight_smile:

madone01 - Thanks for the compliment, appreciated :slight_smile:


personally, I love the image and, I’ve just discovered the joys of the ignore user list lol


I love the plants and especially the rendering of the car bottom right.


TMunro - Heh, I know what you mean :slight_smile: And thanks again!

SciFibrow - Thanks, glad you like the car. Obviously I referenced off Syd but even so I found it really difficult to understand shadow and reflection on polished metal, especially when they happen in the same place.