Parturition (nudity), Wang Longwei (2D)


Title: Parturition (nudity)
Name: Wang Longwei
Country: China
Software: Painter

in these days,i am interested in fantasy style.this work just looks like the <Alien> movie.i used Painter IX as usual.comments are most welcome.thanks.


stunning piece, very hentaish concept though,gal in nude and tentacles~~keep up with the awesome work :thumbsup:


lol, it reminded me of hentai too. was that the theme?


Very nice! Lovely tranquil image.


I can see how some people see a resemblence to hentai. I love the small details you worked in there. It definitely helped the overall look of the scene. Gread job!


Nice painting, good lighting and biomech design.


Hi, I am new here in the forum. I would like to tell you that you made an increadible work with the tentacles or sort of animal envolving the girl. It is very hard to control that kind of flesh material with light. The contrast between the enviroment and the girl is very good, and by the way, it is good to see a new stile of cyborg…


Stunning piece, very impressive


Oh my good cyber-lord - that looks absolutely DISGUSTING in all the right ways…

The technique is stunning, the foreground to background colour desaturation rocks.
The lighting is magnificent, real mucky and overcast with sickness…
The composition and slavering octopoid sex appeal is just too much, if only the image looked colder, goose-pimples on skin, chilled breath, something showing a shivering erection of flesh.

4.85/5 - you’d have got a 5/5 if her lips had been parted slightly.



very nice. I like your painting style. I woul like to know what is going on. She has no emotion which gets me more curious.


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