Where they at and who’s going?

I know that sidefx is having one, you have to register @ online and then meet up at the meeting on Sunday to recieve your ticket.




The SideFX party was the best one in San Diego last year. Well, good for a CG party anyway – 1,000 guys, 2 girls, pale white CG guys trying to dance, AND OPEN BAR.


I dunno, The Chapters party was pretty damn crazy.
Even had hot go-go dancers.
And definitely more than 2 girls.


well I am looing toward all of that… :smiley:


OK, Chapters party will take place Monday August 9.


Hey Mr. Info (Malducin) how’s it? You should start your own info service or tour guide for siggraph.

For the chapters party do you have to reserve your ticket through Siggraph? Or do you just show up?


You should start your own info service or tour guide for siggraph.

Actually I do have something like that. A wrote an article about it. It’s slightly outdated (when I wrote it SIGGRAPH still lasted 6 days) but most info is applicable:


Plus I have some photo galleries of the last couple of SIGGRAPHs.

For the chapters party do you have to reserve your ticket through Siggraph? Or do you just show up?

You just need to get the flyer, ticket, postcard or whatever you want to call it. They are given away for free during SIGGRAPH. Easiest way os just to go to the Chapters booth and ask for one. There are also people around the convention center giving them away.

I did forget to mention that you might need to be over 21 to go though. Last few years they have taken place in bars (in San Diego, the Margaritville in New Orleans, etc.). Previously they used to take place right after the Reception and you didn’t need an ID and be 21, so it was cool. Considering a lot of local chapters are student chapters, the change was ridiculous if you ask me. It should be held in a more open place and only check for ID at the bar (like the Receotion at Pershing Square).


I’ll revive this thread as I have interests in hitting up some parties too.


Blur Studio is having their Siggraph party on Wednesday Aug 11th at the Henry Fonda Theater. The theme is AuquaBash. There will be a bar (I think it’s open bar) go-go dancers dressed like mermaids as well as acrobatics including a trapese artist. But best of all The Crystal Method will be performing live at the party. You will need a ticket to get in so unless you know someone who works for Blur you’ll have to find a Blur Studio employee on the floor at Siggraph and hope he has a ticket left. (look for guys in Blur shirts) If you do get one each ticket is good for 1 guy or three girl (or one guy and three girls…not sure) Should be a blast! Come out if you can.

Word to the wise though, as much as we’d love to let everyone in the door our last party at the Hollywood Athletic Club was absolutely packed. Some people who had tickets still had to wait in line until the fire marshal let them in. Some people waited for hours. While the Henry Fonda Theater holds more people it will still probably be packed. So don’t hate us if you get a ticket and still have a hard time getting in. Sorry in advance.


The hunt for the Blur people will start as soon as I hit the floor then :slight_smile:

Dont look at the cool techs, dont look at the cool software, dont look at the very cool animations, just spot a Blur employee :wink:

(what if I fake myself a Blur tshirt and get a Tim Miller mask and tattoo myself all over the place? Would I be able to get in? Assuming everyone has already hit the open bar, it could work. Mouahaha.)

But to be serious, i can just come up to a Blur employee and ask if they have any spare tickets to give away? that’s pretty cool.


I look forward to accosting a blur employee as respectuflly as possible.



1 ticket good for 1 guy and 3 girls? …Wow. In that case if I can find ANYBODY with a Blur ticket I’m a shoe-in. :twisted:


Yeah, it’s totally cool to ask any Blur employee you see for a ticket. It should be a good party. Drinks are free from 9 until 12, but the party goes on till 2am. Cystal Method will be playing from 11 till 1am.

Cheers. Dave.


All blur employees are under my jurisdiction for the whole of siggraph. Only I can go up to them and talk to them about it :wink:


So what If i find three girls that want to go see crystal method? Would be i be more of a shoe in if i can do that? :smiley:


what If i hit Blur Studios before i go to siggraph, would people that are still working during the SIGGRAPH have tickets handy with them?

Mouaauauah! i will make it to the blur show. I will!!! My preciousss.


Are you kidding? “Good for one guy and three girls”?? What is this, high school? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t show up even if my favorite band was there. Talk about feeling like a piece of meat. :rolleyes:


Don’t take it so seriously, it’s really not that bad. Yeah, the guys at siggraph are often like ‘wow look! a woman!’ when they see one, but considering how we’re outnumbered, can ya blame em?

Everyone I met at siggraph last year was incredibly pleasant and considerate.


That’s a pretty common policy for Siggraph parties.


To me, it’s a policy that states: “Women will be provided as entertainment for our drooling desperate male guests.” I expected it at frat parties, but I’m very surprised to see it sponsored by companies. I mean, if they think boobs are that important for their party, why not just hire a bunch of hookers? :stuck_out_tongue:


Gnarly, I already got you a ticket, tho If i dont see you before the show just tag along with other people with blur tickets hehe. I should be around the ballistics booth a lot tho to help out, so if others want tickets ill try and have some with me.