Parties and User Groups at SIGGRAPH 2011 ?


I skipped the past few SIGGRAPH conferences, but I’ll be at Vancouver this year.

From what I heard, Autodesk stopped having any Maya/Softimage/Autodesk UG events? Because they’d be too big?

Any noteworthy parties or events in Vancouver?



Yeah, they were like “we stream our booth presentations, consider that our SIGGRAPH event”. I don’t think there will be many considering the cost of going to Vancouver.

I guess if you arrive early on Saturday one may catch the fireworks display.


I think that broadcasting the event live to the web is great.
BUT, this is like shooting them selves to the leg.
Less people will come, less companies will present.

doing webinars during the year would be great, but not at siggraph event.

It is different when you sitting in the office or home and watching the videos or when you going to the actual event, free your head from other problems, diving into new information you got, asking people questions and got instant answers on the material you just learnt.

but i think money will win in the end, and all those events will attract less and less since our bosses will say: “why do you need to go there? see it on the web, FREE”

my 2c


As far as I know they only do their product presentations via webcast, not custoner presentations (say from big studios), but I’m not certain. The other thing people were interested in were the training sessions.


I got a ticket to the EA/ADSK party but i haven’t heard about anything else this year…



Well there’s the Houdini meeting that got announced in the News section, which will probably about one of the few biggies. I still expect The Foundry to announce something soon (show off Mari and Katana) but who knows.


Kind of agree, it’s like the MasterClasses which used to be live events at the conference but are now web streamed… I’ve just finished recording one for this years Siggraph and half of me wished that they were still live, so you get the feedback from the audience and the videos still got recorded and put up in the Autodesk store. The other half says that with them being up on the Area the audience is going to be 10++ times the size it would have been.

But then again, from a Siggraph perspective it does give you less incentive to go, especially when, like you said, justifying the expense when you can get the info free is getting harder.




Do you know who will be performing there? What DJ’s? What Artists?


Interesting, the Chapters Party is at the same time as the Reception.


Yeah that’s because they moved the Reception to Monday. Usually it was later in the week like Wednesday or Thursaday. Then again Chapters party finishes later, so you can go to the Reception, eat, drink and then walk over to the Chapters one.


DO you have to be a Siggraph member for this?


Nope, just go to the Chapters booth and get the invite (looks like a postcard, which sometimes they don’t even ask for).


I have been working on a running list of parties at siggraph on fb. I’ve created a fb group, league of siggraph parties to keep track of it.

There is the shotgun party on tuesday apparently free drinks.

Also, Gays in Graphics has planned an after party after their birds of a feather meetup. I’m going to spend some time this weekend completely putting together all the info for it.

there is also the The 24th Anniversary CG Show/SAKE Barrel Opening Party on monday from 6-7:30.


Awesome Alikah187, great to see a place that is gathering the party info. Jeremy It is true, I’ve gone the past two years and Autodesk hasn’t really done any parties that I’ve known of. The last time I went to a Autodesk party was at GDC in 2008. Usually I found most the parties are kept low-key and secret, usually some way getting the private invite.

I did see this the other day [color=darkorange]Image Engine Design[/color]


So, the League of Siggraph parties will be having an event, everyone is invited

We’re going to head to the celebration of lights fireworks, then head over to a bar (TBD).

Meet up at he Vancouver Conference Center on Saturday August 6 at 9 pm


Reception and Chapters in 1 night…?

Are they trying to kill us or what?!



yeah, so next time around anybody on the forum mentions about how sad Sigg was in Vancouver, you’d know they din’t make it :wink:


From my experience at the last ~10 SIGGRAPH’s, I’d say that’s just about true for all of them. See you guys soon! :slight_smile:

:buttrock:(this emoticon is awesome)


The last siggraph I attended, Nvidia had great events… have they been consistent with that over the years?