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Hi Guys
I’m working on a short animation and i’m doing some water stuff with particles. I have my particles totally set-up and going, but I have a little problem with the start and ending of the simulation. I want the particles to START (at frame 1) when the particle simulation is at frame 20…so I basicly want frame 20 of the particles to be frame 1 of the scene. This Because I need some water that’s already there.
And because the water is already there and there’s no extra water added, I need the particles to simulate from frame 20 (or frame 1 in the scene) without adding extra particles.

I hope you guys understand what i’m trying to say, I didn’t exactly know how to explain :slight_smile:

Cheers, Koen


There is two solutions:

  1. Click on the create intial state for the particle of your choice at frame 20…or
  2. You could set the starting time of your particle at negative range.

…I would not want to use create intial state till I’m confirmed what I want…unless you saved different versions of file.



Thanks codenamejyn,
It worked well, but now I need to know how to have the particles simulating from the initial state without adding extra particles. I did some searches in the maya help, but couldn’t find anything about it.



Why don’t you just change your emitter’s rate to zero? I think it’ll solve your problem.


For this case keyframing emitter like Lubiya suggests would work or setting the max particle count but you will be needing two emitters. If you had two,you would notice that you will have two particles. Since I assume that you are using blobby type particle I suggest you link only one particle to both emitters and delete the additional. This will helps the particle to look as one neat “blobby surface”.


It’s working very well (just one emitter…keyframing the paticle count).

Pretty stupid I didn’t thought about it myself, but it’s the first time im using particles so I will forgive myself :slight_smile:

Anyway thank you very much guys,

Cheers Koen


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